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When they saw the master, the women were silent, and began arranging the kerchiefs on their heads, and the foreman took his hands out of his pockets and began to smile.
Увидав барина, бабы замолчали и стали оправлять сбившиеся платки на головах, а приказчик вынул руки из карманов и стал улыбаться.
This is what had happened.
From the foreman's words, it seemed that the peasants were in the habit of letting their calves and even their cows into the meadow belonging to the estate.
Дело было в том, что мужики, как это говорил приказчик, нарочно пускали своих телят и даже коров на барский луг.
Two cows belonging to the families of these two women were found in the meadow, and driven into the yard.
И вот две коровы из дворов этих баб были пойманы в лугу и загнаны.
The foreman demanded from the women 30 copecks for each cow or two days' work.
Приказчик требовал с баб по тридцать копеек с коровы или два дня отработки.
The women, however, maintained that the cows had got into the meadow of their own accord; that they had no money, and asked that the cows, which had stood in the blazing sun since morning without food, piteously lowing, should be returned to them, even if it had to be on the understanding that the price should be worked off later on.
Бабы же утверждали, во-первых, что коровы их только зашли, во-вторых, что денег у них нет, и, в-третьих, хотя бы и за обещание отработки, требовали немедленного возвращения коров, стоявших с утра на варке без корма и жалобно мычавших.
"How often have I not begged of you," said the smiling foreman, looking back at Nekhludoff as if calling upon him to be a witness, "if you drive your cattle home at noon, that you should have an eye on them?"
– Сколько честью просил, – говорил улыбающийся приказчик, оглядываясь на Нехлюдова, как бы призывая его в свидетели, – если пригоняете в обед, так смотрите за своей скотиной.
"I only ran to my little one for a bit, and they got away."
– Только побежала к малому, а они ушли.
"Don't run away when you have undertaken to watch the cows."
– А не уходи, коли взялась стеречь.
"And who's to feed the little one?
– А малого кто накормит?
You'd not give him the breast, I suppose?" said the other woman.
Ты ему сиську не дашь.
"Now, if they had really damaged the meadow, one would not take it so much to heart; but they only strayed in a moment."
– Добро бы вправду потравила луга, и живот бы не болел, а то только зашла, – говорила другая.
"All the meadows are damaged," the foreman said, turning to
"If I exact no penalty there will be no hay."
– Все луга стравили, – обращался приказчик к Нехлюдову. – Если не взыскивать, ничего сена не будет.
"There, now, don't go sinning like that; my cows have never been caught there before," shouted the pregnant woman.
– Эх, не греши, – закричала беременная. – Мои никогда не попадались.
"Now that one has been caught, pay up or work it off."
– Ну, а попались, отдай или отработай.
"All right, I'll work it off; only let me have the cow now, don't torture her with hunger," she cried, angrily.
"As it is, I have no rest day or night.
– Ну, и отработаю, отпусти корову-то, не мори голодом! – злобно прокричала она. – И так ни дня, ни ночи отдыха нет.
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