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Around the Texan judge and jury—close pressing upon the precincts of the Court—is a crowd that may well be called nondescript.
Вокруг судьи и присяжных теснится толпа, которую описать не так-то просто.
Buckskin hunting-shirts; blanket-coats—even under the oppressive heat; frocks of “copperas stripe” and Kentucky jeans; blouses of white linen, or sky-blue cottonade; shirts of red flannel or unbleached “domestic”; dragoon, rifle, infantry, and artillery uniforms, blend and mingle in that motley assemblage.
Здесь охотничьи рубашки из оленьей кожи, куртки из одеял, хотя день выдался на редкость жаркий, белые полотняные блузы, а также грубые хлопчатобумажные рубашки из красной фланели и небеленого холста; драгунские, стрелковые, пехотные и артиллерийские мундиры -- все сливается и смешивается в этом пестром собрании.
Here and there is seen a more regular costume—one more native to the country—the jaqueta and calzoneros of the Mexican, with the broad sombrero shading his swarthy face of picaresque expression.
Time was—and that not very long ago—when men assembled in this same spot would all have been so attired.
But then there was no jury of twelve, and the judge—Juez de Letras—was a far more important personage, with death in his nod, and pardon easily obtained by those who could put onzas in his pocket.
With all its rude irregularity—despite the absence of effete forms—of white ermine, and black silk—of uniformed alguazils, or bright-buttoned policemen—despite the presence of men that, to the civilised eye, may appear uncouth—even savage I hesitate not to say, that among these red flannel-shirts and coats of Kentucky jean, the innocent man is as safe—ay far safer—to obtain justice, and the guilty to get punished, than amidst the formalities and hair-splitting chicaneries of our so-called civilisation.
Do not mistake those men assembled under the Texan tree—however rough their exterior may seem to your hypercritical eye—do not mistake them for a mob of your own “masses,” brutalised from their very birth by the curse of over-taxation.
Do not mistake them, either, for things like yourselves—filled to the throat with a spirit of flunkeyism—would that it choked you!—scorning all that is grand and progressive—revering only the effete, the superficial, and the selfish.
I am talking to you, my middle-class friend, who fancy yourself a citizen of this our English country.
A citizen, forsooth; without even the first and scantiest right of citizenship—that of choosing your parliamentary representative.
You fancy you have this right.
I have scarce patience to tell you, you are mistaken.
Ay, grandly mistaken, when you imagine yourself standing on the same political platform with those quasi-rude frontiersmen of Texas.
Nothing of the kind.
They are “sovereign citizens”—the peers of your superiors, or of those who assume so to call themselves, and whose assumption you are base enough to permit without struggle—almost without protest!
Кое-где видны короткие куртки и широкие сомбреро мексиканцев.
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