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It was not cruelty—only a crude kind of justice:—“an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”
Была ли это жестокость?
Нет, это была первобытная форма справедливости --
"Око за око и зуб за зуб".
And what a poor compensation it seemed, to those who had taken part in exacting it!
As they stood gazing upon the remains of the villain, and his victim—the swarth ruffian dangling from the branch above, and the fair form lying underneath—the hearts of the Texans were touched—as perhaps they had never been before.
There was a strange thought passing through their minds; a sadness independent of that caused by the spectacle of a murder.
It was regret at having so hastily despatched the assassin!
Beautiful, even in death, was Isidora.
Such features as she possessed, owe not everything to the light of life.
That voluptuous shape—the true form divine—may be admired in the cold statue.
Men stood gazing upon her dead body—long gazing—loth to go away—at length going with thoughts not altogether sacred!
In the physical world Time is accounted the destroyer; though in the moral, it is oft the restorer.
Прошло десять лет.
Nowhere has it effected greater changes than in Texas—during the last decade—and especially in the settlements of the Nueces and Leona.
Большие перемены произошли за это время в Техасе и особенно в поселениях на Леоне и Нуэсес.
Plantations have sprung up, where late the chapparal thickly covered the earth; and cities stand, where the wild steed once roamed over a pathless prairie.
Появились плантации там, где раньше были непроходимые заросли.
Города выросли там, где в дикой прерии паслись когда-то табуны мустангов.
There are new names for men, places, and things.
Вы услышите теперь новые имена и географические названия.
For all this, there are those who could conduct you to an ancient hacienda—still known as Casa del Corvo.
Но старая асиенда Каса-дель-Корво сохранила свое прежнее название.
Once there, you would become the recipient of a hospitality, unequalled in European lands.
Там вы найдете и знакомых вам людей.
You would have for your host one of the handsomest men in Texas; for your hostess one of its most beautiful women—both still this side of middle life.
Хозяин асиенды -- один из самых красивых мужчин в Техасе, его жена -- одна из самых красивых женщин этого края.
И он и она еще молоды.
Residing under their roof you would find an old gentleman, of aristocratic air and venerable aspect—withal chatty and cheerful—who would conduct you around the corrales, show you the stock, and never tire of talking about the hundreds—ay thousands—of horses and horned cattle, seen roaming over the pastures of the plantation.
Вы встретите там и седовласого старика аристократической внешности, очень любезного и разговорчивого.
Он поведет вас к коралям, покажет вам скот и будет с гордостью рассказывать о табунах лошадей, которые пасутся на пастбищах плантации.
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