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The other guests laughed, and glanced at each other with expressions of embarrassment.
Grandmother moved farther back against the stove, into the shadow, and was heard to sigh heavily.
Люди усмехались, сконфуженно переглядываясь, бабушка отодвинулась глубоко на печь, в тень, и тяжко вздыхала там.
Rubbing the palm of her hand across her thick red lips, Petrovna observed:
Отирая ладонью красные, толстые губы, Петровна спросила:
“He seems to be in a temper.”
- Рассердился будто?
“No,” replied Uncle Peter; “that ‘s only his way.”
- Не,- ответил дядя Петр.- Это он так себе...
Grandmother left the stove, and in silence began to heat the samovar; and Uncle Peter added, in a slow voice:
Бабушка слезла с печи и стала молча подогревать самовар, а дядя Петр, не торопясь, говорил:
“The Lord makes people like that sometimes freaks.”
- Господа все такие - капризники!
“Bachelors always play the fool,” Valei threw out gruffly, at which there was a general laugh; but Uncle Peter drawled:
Валей угрюмо буркнул:
- Холостой всегда дурит!
Все засмеялись, а дядя Пётр тянул:
“He was actually in tears.
- До слёз дошел.
It is a case of the pike nibbling what the roach hardly ”
Видно - бывало, щука клевала, а ноне и плотва едва...
I began to get tired of all this.
I was conscious of a heartache.
Стало скучно; какое-то уныние щемило сердце.
I was greatly astonished by the behavior of
“Good-business,” and very sorry for him.
I could not get his swimming eyes out of my mind.
Хорошее Дело очень удивил меня, было жалко его,- так ясно помнились его утонувшие глаза.
That night he did not sleep at home, but he returned the next day, after dinner quiet, crushed, obviously embarrassed.
Он не ночевал дома, а на другой день пришёл после обеда - тихий, измятый, явно сконфуженный.
“I made a scene last night,” he said to grandmother, with the air of a guilty child.
“You are not angry?”
- Вчера я шумел,- сказал он бабушке виновато, словно маленький.- Вы не сердитесь?
“Why should I be angry T
- На что же?
“Why, because I interrupted . . . and talked . . .”
- А вот, что я вмешался, говорил?
“You offended no one.”
- Вы никого не обидели...
I felt that grandmother was afraid of him.
She did not look him in the face, and spoke in a subdued tone, and was quite unlike herself.
Я чувствовал, что бабушка боится его, не смотрит в лицо ему и говорит необычно - тихо слишком.
He drew near to her and said with amazing simplicity:
Он подошёл вплоть к ней н сказал удивительно просто:
“You see, I am so terribly lonely.
I have no one belonging to me.
- Видите ли, я страшно один, нет у меня никого!
I am always silent silent; and then, all on a sudden, my soul seems to boil over, as if it had been torn open.
Молчишь, молчишь,- и вдруг - вскипит в душе, прорвёт...
At such times I could speak to stones and trees ”
Готов камню говорить, дереву...
Grandmother moved away from him.
Бабушка отодвинулась от него.
“If you were to get married now,” she began.
- А вы бы женились...
“Eh?” he cried, wrinkling up his face, and ran out, throwing his arms up wildly.
- Э! - воскликнул он, сморщившись, и ушёл, махнув рукой.
Grandmother looked after him frowning, and took a pinch of snuff; after which she sternly admonished me:
Бабушка, нахмурясь, поглядела вслед ему, понюхала табаку и потом строго сказала мне:
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