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“The best thing we can do is to wash ourselves,” she said, for she was covered with soot too, and smelt of acrid smoke.
“Sometimes,” said grandfather, drawing a deep breath,
“God is pleased to endue you with great good-sense.”
- Умылся бы,- сказала она, тоже вся в саже, пропахшая едким дымом.
Дед вздохнул:
- Милостив господь бывает до тебя, большой тебе разум дает...
And stroking her shoulder he added with a grin:
И, погладив её по плечу, добавил, оскалив зубы:
“Only sometimes, you know, just for an hour or so; but there it is all the same.”
- На краткое время, на час, а дает!..
Grandmother smiled too, and began to say something, but grandfather stopped her, frowning:
Бабушка тоже усмехнулась, хотела что-то сказать, но дед нахмурился.
“We shall have to get rid of Gregory.
All this trouble has been caused by his neglect.
- Григория рассчитать надо - это его недосмотр!
His working days are over.
He is worn out.
Отработал мужик, отжил!
That fool Jaaschka is sitting on the stairs crying; you had better go to him.”
На крыльце Яшка сидит, плачет, дурак...
Пошла бы ты к нему...
She stood up and went out, holding her hand up to her face and blowing on her fingers; and grandfather, without looking at me, asked softly:
Она встала и ушла, держа руку перед лицом, дуя на пальцы, а дед, не глядя на меня, тихо спросил:
“You saw it all from the beginning of the fire, didn’t you”?
- Весь пожар видел, с начала?
Then you saw how grandmother behaved, didn’t you?
Бабушка-то как, а?
And that is an old woman, mind you! crushed and breaking-up and yet you see!
Старуха ведь...
Бита, ломана..
U ugh, youT
То-то же!
Эх вы-и...
After a long silence, during which he sat huddled up, he rose and snuffed the candle, as he asked me:
Согнулся и долго молчал, потом встал и, снимая нагар со свечи пальцами, снова спросил:
“Were you frightened?”
- Боялся ты?
- Нет.
“Quite right!
There was nothing to be frightened about.”
- И нечего бояться...
Irritably dragging his shirt from his shoulder, he went to the washstand in the corner, and I could hear him in the darkness stamping his feet as he exclaimed:
Сердито сдернув с плеч рубаху, он пошёл в угол, к рукомойнику, и там, в темноте, топнув ногою, громко сказал:
“A fire is a silly business.
- Пожар - глупость!
The person who causes a fire ought to be beaten in the market-place.
He must be either a fool or a thief.
За пожар кнутом на площади надо бить погорельца; он - дурак, а то - вор!
If that was done there would be no more fires.
Вот как надо делать, и не будет пожаров!..
Go away now, and go to bed!
Ступай спи.
What are you sitting there for?”
Чего сидишь?
I did as he told me, but sleep was denied to me that night.
I had no sooner laid myself down when an unearthly howl greeted me, which seemed to come from the bed.
I rushed back to the kitchen, in the middle of which stood grandfather, shirtless, holding a candle which flickered violently as he stamped his feet on the floor, crying:
Я ушел, но спать в эту ночь не удалось: голько что лёг в постель меня вышвырнул из нее нечеловеческий вой; я снова бросился в кухню; среди нее стоял дед без рубахи, со свечой в руках; свеча дрожала, он шаркал ногами по полу и, не сходя с места, хрипел:
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