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So she had to beg, to live on the charity of others; but in those times people were richer and kinder . . . the carpenters of Balakhana, as well as the lace-workers, were famous, and all the people were for show.
Вот она и пошла по миру, за милостью к людям, а в тА пора люди-то богаче жили, добрее были,- славные балахонские плотники да кружевницы,- всё напоказ народ!
“Sometimes my mother and I stayed in the town for the autumn and winter, but as soon as the Archangel Gabriel waved his sword and drove away the winter, and clothed the earth with spring, we started on our travels again, going whither our eyes led us.
Ходим, бывало, мы с ней, с матушкой, зимой-осенью по городу, а как Гаврило-архангел мечом взмахнёт, зиму отгонит, весна землю обымет,- так мы подальше, куда глаза поведут.
To Mourome we went, and to Urievitz, and by the upper Volga, and by the quiet Oka.
В Муроме бывали, и в Юрьевце, и по Волге вверх, и по тихой Оке.
It was good to wander about the world in the spring and summer, when all the earth was smiling and the grass was like velvet; and the Holy Mother of God scattered flowers over the fields, and everything seemed to bring joy to one, and speak straight to one’s heart.
Весной-то да летом хорошо по земле ходить, земля ласковая, трава бархатная; пресвятая богородица цветами осыпала поля, тут тебе радость, тут ли сердцу простор!
And sometimes, when we were on the hills, my mother, closing her blue eyes, would begin to sing in a voice which, though not powerful, was as clear as a bell; and listening to her, everything about us seemed to fall into a breathless sleep.
А матушка-то, бывало, прикроет синие глаза да как заведёт песню на великую высоту,- голосок у ней не силен был, а звонок,- и всё кругом будто задремлет, не шелохнется, слушает её.
God knows it was good to be alive in those days!
Хорошо было Христа ради жить!
“But by the time that I was nine years old, my mother began to feel that she would be blamed if she took me about begging with her any longer; in fact, she began to be ashamed of the life we were leading, and so she settled at Balakhana, and went about the streets begging from house to house taking up a position in the church porch on Sundays and holidays, while I stayed at home and learned to make lace.
А как минуло мне девять лет, зазорно стало матушке по миру водить меня, застыдилась она и осела на Балахне; кувыркается по улицам из дома в дом, а на праздниках - по церковным папертям собирает.
I was an apt pupil, because I was so anxious to help my mother; but sometimes I did not seem to get on at all, and then I used to cry.
А я дома сижу, учусь кружева плести, тороплюсь-учусь, хочется скорее помочь матушке-то; бывало, не удаётся чего - слезы лью.
But in two years I had learned the business, mind you, small as I was, and the fame of of it went through the town.
When people wanted really good lace, they came to us at once:
“‘Now, Akulina, make your bobbins fly!’ ’
В два года с маленьким, гляди-ка ты, научилась делу, да и в славу по городу вошла: чуть кому хорошая работа нужна, сейчас к нам; ну-ка, Акуля, встряхни коклюшки!
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