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The formation of the ground, however, did not permit her to deviate far from the line in which she desired to proceed.
К счастью, рельеф местности не позволил ей уклониться далеко в сторону от избранного направления.
On one hand it was soon bounded by the acclivity of the hill, while the lake, on the other, served as a guide.
С одной стороны ее путь был обозначен склоном холма, с другой стороны проводником служило озеро.
For two hours did this single-hearted and simple-minded girl toil through the mazes of the forest, sometimes finding herself on the brow of the bank that bounded the water, and at others struggling up an ascent that warned her to go no farther in that direction, since it necessarily ran at right angles to the course on which she wished to proceed.
В течение двух часов подряд простосердечная, наивная девушка пробиралась по лесному лабиринту, иногда спускаясь к самой воде, а иногда карабкаясь по откосу.
Her feet often slid from beneath her, and she got many falls, though none to do her injury; but, by the end of the period mentioned, she had become so weary as to want strength to go any farther.
Ноги ее скользили, она не раз падала, хотя при этом не ушибалась.
Наконец Хетти так устала, что уже не могла идти дальше.
Rest was indispensable, and she set about preparing a bed, with the readiness and coolness of one to whom the wilderness presented no unnecessary terrors.
Надо было отдохнуть.
Она села и стала спокойно готовить себе постель, так как привычная пустыня не страшила ее никакими воображаемыми ужасами.
She knew that wild beasts roamed through all the adjacent forest, but animals that preyed on the human species were rare, and of dangerous serpents there were literally none.
Девушка знала, что по всему окрестному лесу бродят дикие звери, но хищники, нападающие на человека, были редки в тех местах, а ядовитых змей не встречалось вовсе.
These facts had been taught her by her father, and whatever her feeble mind received at all, it received so confidingly as to leave her no uneasiness from any doubts, or scepticism.
To her the sublimity of the solitude in which she was placed, was soothing, rather than appalling, and she gathered a bed of leaves, with as much indifference to the circumstances that would have driven the thoughts of sleep entirely from the minds of most of her sex, as if she had been preparing her place of nightly rest beneath the paternal roof.
As soon as Hetty had collected a sufficient number of the dried leaves to protect her person from the damps of the ground, she kneeled beside the humble pile, clasped her raised hands in an attitude of deep devotion, and in a soft, low, but audible voice repeated the Lord's Prayer.
This was followed by those simple and devout verses, so familiar to children, in which she recommended her soul to God, should it be called away to another state of existence, ere the return of morning.
Обо всем этом она не раз слышала от отца.
Одинокое величие пустыни скорее успокаивало, чем пугало ее, и она готовила себе ложе из листьев с таким хладнокровием, как будто собиралась лечь спать под отцовским кровом.
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