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"I knew where it was put, sir," I said, "to begin with.
— Я знал это, сэр, — ответил я. 
Samuel, the footman, knew also--for he was present in the hall, when they were talking about where the Diamond was to be kept that night.
— Самюэль, лакей, тоже знал это, потому что он был в передней, когда говорили о том, куда спрятать на ночь алмаз.
My daughter knew, as she has already told you.
Знала моя дочь, как она уже вам сказала.
She or Samuel may have mentioned the thing to the other servants--or the other servants may have heard the talk for themselves, through the side-door of the hall, which might have been open to the back staircase.
Она или Самюэль могли сообщить об этом другим слугам, или другие слуги могли слышать этот разговор через боковую дверь передней, которая могла быть открыта на черную лестницу.
For all I can tell, everybody in the house may have known where the jewel was, last night."
Как мне кажется, все в доме могли знать, где в прошлую ночь лежал алмаз.
My answer presenting rather a wide field for Mr. Superintendent's suspicions to range over, he tried to narrow it by asking about the servants' characters next.
Мой ответ представлял слишком обширное поле для подозрений инспектора, и он постарался сузить его, попросив меня охарактеризовать наших слуг.
I thought directly of Rosanna Spearman.
Я тотчас подумал с Розанне Спирман.
But it was neither my place nor my wish to direct suspicion against a poor girl, whose honesty had been above all doubt as long as I had known her.
Но упоминать о ней сейчас было неуместно, да я и не желал направить подозрения на бедняжку, честность которой не подлежала никакому сомнению за все время ее пребывания у нас.
The matron at the Reformatory had reported her to my lady as a sincerely penitent and thoroughly trustworthy girl.
Надзирательница исправительного дома говорила о ней миледи, как об искренно раскаявшейся и заслуживающей полного доверия девушке.
It was the Superintendent's business to discover reason for suspecting her first--and then, and not till then, it would be my duty to tell him how she came into my lady's service.
Если бы полицейский офицер нашел причины подозревать ее, только тогда я обязан был бы сказать ему, каким образом попала она в услужение к миледи.
"All our people have excellent characters," I said.
— Все наши слуги имеют отличные рекомендации, — ответил я. 
"And all have deserved the trust their mistress has placed in them."
— И все заслужили доверие своей госпожи.
After that, there was but one thing left for Mr. Seegrave to do--namely, to set to work, and tackle the servants' characters himself.
После этого мистеру Сигрэву оставалось только одно: самому приняться за дело и лично испытать всех наших слуг.
One after another, they were examined.
One after another, they proved to have nothing to say--and said it (so far as the women were concerned) at great length, and with a very angry sense of the embargo laid on their bed-rooms.
The rest of them being sent back to their places downstairs, Penelope was then summoned, and examined separately a second time.
My daughter's little outbreak of temper in the "boudoir," and her readiness to think herself suspected, appeared to have produced an unfavourable impression on Superintendent Seegrave.
It seemed also to dwell a little on his mind, that she had been the last person who saw the Diamond at night.
When the second questioning was over, my girl came back to me in a frenzy.
There was no doubt of it any longer--the police-officer had almost as good as told her she was the thief!
I could scarcely believe him (taking Mr. Franklin's view) to be quite such an ass as that.
But, though he said nothing, the eye with which he looked at my daughter was not a very pleasant eye to see.
I laughed it off with poor Penelope, as something too ridiculous to be treated seriously--which it certainly was.
Secretly, I am afraid I was foolish enough to be angry too.
It was a little trying--it was, indeed.
My girl sat down in a corner, with her apron over her head, quite broken-hearted.
Foolish of her, you will say.
She might have waited till he openly accused her.
Well, being a man of just an equal temper, I admit that.
Still Mr. Superintendent might have remembered--never mind what he might have remembered.
The devil take him!
Их допросили одного за другим, и ни один из них не мог ничего открыть, хотя наговорили они, особенно женщины, очень много и весьма негодовали на запреты, наложенные на их комнаты.
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