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Keep about the house, Betteredge, till I come back, and try what you can make of Rosanna Spearman.
Наблюдайте-ка хорошенько в доме, Беттередж, до моего возвращения и постарайтесь выпытать что-нибудь от Розанны Спирман.
I don't ask you to do anything degrading to your own self-respect, or anything cruel towards the girl.
Я не прошу у вас чего-нибудь унизительного Для вашего достоинства или жестокого по отношению к девушке.
I only ask you to exercise your observation more carefully than usual.
Я только прошу вас пустить в ход всю вашу наблюдательность.
We will make as light of it as we can before my aunt--but this is a more important matter than you may suppose."
Мы скроем все это от тетушки, — но дело гораздо важнее, чем вы, может быть, предполагаете.
"It is a matter of twenty thousand pounds, sir," I said, thinking of the value of the Diamond.
— Речь идет о двадцати тысячах фунтов, сэр, — сказал я, думая о ценности алмаза.
"It's a matter of quieting Rachel's mind," answered Mr. Franklin gravely.
— Речь идет о том, чтобы успокоить Рэчель, — серьезно ответил мистер Фрэнклин. 
"I am very uneasy about her."
— Я очень беспокоюсь за нее.
He left me suddenly; as if he desired to cut short any further talk between us.
Он вдруг отошел от меня, как будто желал прекратить дальнейший разговор.
I thought I understood why.
Мне показалось, я понял почему.
Further talk might have let me into the secret of what Miss Rachel had said to him on the terrace.
Он побоялся, что выдаст мне тайну слов, сказанных ему мисс Рэчель.
So they drove away to Frizinghall.
I was ready enough, in the girl's own interest, to have a little talk with Rosanna in private.
But the needful opportunity failed to present itself.
She only came downstairs again at tea-time.
When she did appear, she was flighty and excited, had what they call an hysterical attack, took a dose of sal-volatile by my lady's order, and was sent back to her bed.
The day wore on to its end drearily and miserably enough, I can tell you.
Miss Rachel still kept her room, declaring that she was too ill to come down to dinner that day.
My lady was in such low spirits about her daughter, that I could not bring myself to make her additionally anxious, by reporting what Rosanna Spearman had said to Mr. Franklin.
Penelope persisted in believing that she was to be forthwith tried, sentenced, and transported for theft.
The other women took to their Bibles and hymn-books, and looked as sour as verjuice over their reading--a result, which I have observed, in my sphere of life, to follow generally on the performance of acts of piety at unaccustomed periods of the day.
As for me, I hadn't even heart enough to open my ROBINSON CRUSOE.
I went out into the yard, and, being hard up for a little cheerful society, set my chair by the kennels, and talked to the dogs.
Таким-то образом они уехали во Фризинголл.
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