Лунный камень. - параллельный перевод

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"Have me called at five."
— Велите разбудить меня в пять.
"Going abroad, sir?"
— Едете за границу, сэр?
"Going, Jeffco, wherever the railway chooses to take me."
— Еду, Джефко, куда железные дороги увезут меня.
"Shall I tell your father, sir?"
— Прикажете доложить вашему батюшке, сэр?
"Yes; tell him at the end of the session."
— Да, доложите ему по окончании сессии.
The next morning Mr. Franklin had started for foreign parts.
На следующее утро мистер Фрэнклин отправился за границу.
To what particular place he was bound, nobody (himself included) could presume to guess.
В какое именно место ехал он, никто, — не исключая и его самого, — отгадать не мог.
We might hear of him next in Europe, Asia, Africa, or America.
Может быть, мы получим от него первое известие из Европы, Азии, Африки или Америки.
The chances were as equally divided as possible, in Mr. Jeffco's opinion, among the four quarters of the globe.
This news--by closing up all prospects of my bringing Limping Lucy and Mr. Franklin together--at once stopped any further progress of mine on the way to discovery.
Penelope's belief that her fellow-servant had destroyed herself through unrequited love for Mr. Franklin Blake, was confirmed--and that was all.
Whether the letter which Rosanna had left to be given to him after her death did, or did not, contain the confession which Mr. Franklin had suspected her of trying to make to him in her life-time, it was impossible to say.
It might be only a farewell word, telling nothing but the secret of her unhappy fancy for a person beyond her reach.
Or it might own the whole truth about the strange proceedings in which Sergeant Cuff had detected her, from the time when the Moonstone was lost, to the time when she rushed to her own destruction at the Shivering Sand.
A sealed letter it had been placed in Limping Lucy's hand, and a sealed letter it remained to me and to every one about the girl, her own parents included.
We all suspected her of having been in the dead woman's confidence; we all tried to make her speak; we all failed.
Now one, and now another, of the servants--still holding to the belief that Rosanna had stolen the Diamond and had hidden it--peered and poked about the rocks to which she had been traced, and peered and poked in vain.
The tide ebbed, and the tide flowed; the summer went on, and the autumn came.
And the Quicksand, which hid her body, hid her secret too.
По мнению мистера Джефко, он мог находиться в любой из четырех стран света.
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