Лунный камень. - параллельный перевод

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If you desert me, and side with the Sergeant, on the evidence before you--if the only rational explanation you can see is, that Miss Rachel and Mr. Luker must have got together, and that the Moonstone must be now in pledge in the money-lender's house--I own, I can't blame you for arriving at that conclusion.
Если вы бросите меня и перейдете на сторону сыщика, руководствуясь всеми этими уликами; если единственное разумное объяснение, какое можете вы подыскать, заключается в том, что мисс Рэчель и мистер Люкер вступили в сношения и Лунный камень находится в залоге у ростовщика, — признаюсь, я не смогу вас осудить.
In the dark, I have brought you thus far.
В темноте довел я вас до этого места.
In the dark I am compelled to leave you, with my best respects.
Why compelled? it may be asked.
Why not take the persons who have gone along with me, so far, up into those regions of superior enlightenment in which I sit myself?
In answer to this, I can only state that I am acting under orders, and that those orders have been given to me (as I understand) in the interests of truth.
I am forbidden to tell more in this narrative than I knew myself at the time.
Or, to put it plainer, I am to keep strictly within the limits of my own experience, and am not to inform you of what other persons told me--for the very sufficient reason that you are to have the information from those other persons themselves, at first hand.
In this matter of the Moonstone the plan is, not to present reports, but to produce witnesses.
I picture to myself a member of the family reading these pages fifty years hence.
Lord! what a compliment he will feel it, to be asked to take nothing on hear-say, and to be treated in all respects like a Judge on the bench.
At this place, then, we part--for the present, at least--after long journeying together, with a companionable feeling, I hope, on both sides.
The devil's dance of the Indian Diamond has threaded its way to London; and to London you must go after it, leaving me at the country-house.
Please to excuse the faults of this composition--my talking so much of myself, and being too familiar, I am afraid, with you.
I mean no harm; and I drink most respectfully (having just done dinner) to your health and prosperity, in a tankard of her ladyship's ale.
May you find in these leaves of my writing, what ROBINSON CRUSOE found in his experience on the desert island--namely, "something to comfort yourselves from, and to set in the Description of Good and Evil, on the Credit Side of the Account."--Farewell.
The events related in several narratives.
В темноте принужден вас оставить, с нижайшим моим почтением.
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