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"I am glad to see you," she said.
— Я рада вас видеть, — сказала она. 
"Drusilla, I have been in the habit of speaking very foolishly and very rudely to you, on former occasions.
— Друзилла, я имела привычку говорить с вами прежде очень сумасбродно и очень грубо.
I beg your pardon.
I hope you will forgive me."
Прошу у вас прощения; надеюсь, что вы простите меня.
My face, I suppose, betrayed the astonishment I felt at this.
Должно быть, лицо мое обнаружило изумление, которое я почувствовала при этих словах.
She coloured up for a moment, and then proceeded to explain herself.
Рэчель покраснела, а потом продолжала свое объяснение:
"In my poor mother's lifetime," she went on, "her friends were not always my friends, too.
— При жизни моей бедной матери ее друзья не всегда были моими друзьями.
Now I have lost her, my heart turns for comfort to the people she liked.
Теперь, когда я лишилась ее, сердце мое обращается за утешением к людям, которых она любила.
She liked you.
Она любила вас.
Try to be friends with me, Drusilla, if you can."
To any rightly-constituted mind, the motive thus acknowledged was simply shocking.
Here in Christian England was a young woman in a state of bereavement, with so little idea of where to look for true comfort, that she actually expected to find it among her mother's friends!
Here was a relative of mine, awakened to a sense of her shortcomings towards others, under the influence, not of conviction and duty, but of sentiment and impulse!
Most deplorable to think of--but, still, suggestive of something hopeful, to a person of my experience in plying the good work.
There could be no harm, I thought, in ascertaining the extent of the change which the loss of her mother had wrought in Rachel's character.
I decided, as a useful test, to probe her on the subject of her marriage-engagement to Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite.
Постарайтесь быть моим другом, Друзилла, если можете.
Having first met her advances with all possible cordiality, I sat by her on the sofa, at her own request.
Откликнувшись на ее предупредительность со всем доступным мне дружелюбием, я села, по ее просьбе, возле нее на диван.
We discussed family affairs and future plans--always excepting that one future plan which was to end in her marriage.
Мы заговорили о семейных делах и планах на будущее, — обо всем, за исключением одного только плана, который должен был окончиться свадьбой.
Try as I might to turn the conversation that way, she resolutely declined to take the hint.
Any open reference to the question, on my part, would have been premature at this early stage of our reconciliation.
Besides, I had discovered all I wanted to know.
She was no longer the reckless, defiant creature whom I had heard and seen, on the occasion of my martyrdom in Montagu Square.
This was, of itself, enough to encourage me to take her future conversion in hand--beginning with a few words of earnest warning directed against the hasty formation of the marriage tie, and so getting on to higher things.
Как ни старалась я повернуть разговор в эту сторону, она решительно отказывалась понимать мои намеки.
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