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I made no attempt to disturb her.
Я не пытался ее отвлекать от них.
My experience of her disposition warned me, on this, as on former occasions, to give her time.
The first instinct of girls in general, on being told of anything which interests them, is to ask a multitude of questions, and then to run off, and talk it all over with some favourite friend.
Rachel Verinder's first instinct, under similar circumstances, was to shut herself up in her own mind, and to think it over by herself.
This absolute self-dependence is a great virtue in a man.
In a woman it has a serious drawback of morally separating her from the mass of her sex, and so exposing her to misconstruction by the general opinion.
I strongly suspect myself of thinking as the rest of the world think in this matter--except in the case of Rachel Verinder.
The self-dependence in HER character, was one of its virtues in my estimation; partly, no doubt, because I sincerely admired and liked her; partly, because the view I took of her connexion with the loss of the Moonstone was based on my own special knowledge of her disposition.
Badly as appearances might look, in the matter of the Diamond--shocking as it undoubtedly was to know that she was associated in any way with the mystery of an undiscovered theft--I was satisfied nevertheless that she had done nothing unworthy of her, because I was also satisfied that she had not stirred a step in the business, without shutting herself up in her own mind, and thinking it over first.
Мое знание ее натуры подсказывало мне, как в других таких же случаях, что ей надо дать время прийти в себя.
We had walked on, for nearly a mile I should say before Rachel roused herself.
Мы прошли около мили, прежде чем Рэчель очнулась от задумчивости.
She suddenly looked up at me with a faint reflection of her smile of happier times--the most irresistible smile I have ever seen on a woman's face.
Она вдруг взглянула на меня со слабым проблеском прежней счастливой улыбки — улыбки, самой неотразимой из всех, какие я видел на женском лице.
"I owe much already to your kindness," she said.
"And I feel more deeply indebted to it now than ever.
— Я уже многим обязана вашей доброте, — сказала она, — а теперь чувствую себя гораздо более обязанной вам, чем прежде.
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