Лунный камень. - параллельный перевод

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Ah, Mr. Franklin, you wore my roses oftener than either you or she thought!
Ах, мистер Фрэнклин!
Вы носили мои розы чаще, чем предполагали вы или она!
The only comfort I had at that time, was putting my rose secretly in your glass of water, in place of hers--and then throwing her rose away.
Единственное утешение, которое я имела в то время, состояло в том, чтобы потихоньку поставить в ваш стакан с водой мою розу, вместо ее розы, — а ее розу выбросить.
"If she had been really as pretty as you thought her, I might have borne it better.
Если бы она действительно была так хороша, какою казалась вам, я, может быть, легче переносила бы все это.
No; I believe I should have been more spiteful against her still.
Нет, пожалуй, я сильнее возненавидела бы ее.
Suppose you put Miss Rachel into a servant's dress, and took her ornaments off?
Что, если бы одеть мисс Рэчель служанкой и снять с нее все ее уборы?..
I don't know what is the use of my writing in this way.
Не знаю, зачем я пишу все это.
It can't be denied that she had a bad figure; she was too thin.
Нельзя ведь отрицать, что у нее дурная фигура: она слишком худощава.
But who can tell what the men like?
Но кто может сказать, что нравится мужчине?
And young ladies may behave in a manner which would cost a servant her place.
И молодым леди позволительно иметь такие манеры, за которые служанка лишилась бы места.
It's no business of mine.
Но это не мое дело.
I can't expect you to read my letter, if I write it in this way.
Я не могу надеяться, что вы прочтете мое письмо, если я стану писать таким образом.
But it does stir one up to hear Miss Rachel called pretty, when one knows all the time that it's her dress does it, and her confidence in herself.
Только обидно слышать, как мисс Рэчель называют хорошенькой, когда знаешь, что все это происходит благодаря ее нарядам и от ее уверенности в самой себе.
"Try not to lose patience with me, sir.
Постарайтесь быть терпеливым со мною, сэр.
I will get on as fast as I can to the time which is sure to interest you--the time when the Diamond was lost.
"But there is one thing which I have got it on my mind to tell you first.
"My life was not a very hard life to bear, while I was a thief.
It was only when they had taught me at the reformatory to feel my own degradation, and to try for better things, that the days grew long and weary.
Thoughts of the future forced themselves on me now.
I felt the dreadful reproach that honest people--even the kindest of honest people--were to me in themselves.
A heart-breaking sensation of loneliness kept with me, go where I might, and do what I might, and see what persons I might.
It was my duty, I know, to try and get on with my fellow-servants in my new place.
Somehow, I couldn't make friends with them.
They looked (or I thought they looked) as if they suspected what I had been.
I don't regret, far from it, having been roused to make the effort to be a reformed woman--but, indeed, indeed it was a weary life.
You had come across it like a beam of sunshine at first--and then you too failed me.
I was mad enough to love you; and I couldn't even attract your notice.
There was great misery--there really was great misery in that.
"Now I am coming to what I wanted to tell you.
In those days of bitterness, I went two or three times, when it was my turn to go out, to my favourite place--the beach above the Shivering Sand.
And I said to myself,
'I think it will end here.
When I can bear it no longer, I think it will end here.'
You will understand, sir, that the place had laid a kind of spell on me before you came.
I had always had a notion that something would happen to me at the quicksand.
But I had never looked at it, with the thought of its being the means of my making away with myself, till the time came of which I am now writing.
Then I did think that here was a place which would end all my troubles for me in a moment or two--and hide me for ever afterwards.
"This is all I have to say about myself, reckoning from the morning when I first saw you, to the morning when the alarm was raised in the house that the Diamond was lost.
"I was so aggravated by the foolish talk among the women servants, all wondering who was to be suspected first; and I was so angry with you (knowing no better at that time) for the pains you took in hunting for the jewel, and sending for the police, that I kept as much as possible away by myself, until later in the day, when the officer from Frizinghall came to the house.
Я сейчас перейду к тому времени, когда пропал алмаз.
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