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"In this uncertainty, one thing was plain--that Sergeant Cuff was miles away from knowing the whole truth.
Одно было несомненно, что сыщик Кафф вовсе не подозревает истины.
You were safe as long as the nightgown was safe--and not a moment longer.
"I quite despair of making you understand the distress and terror which pressed upon me now.
It was impossible for me to risk wearing your nightgown any longer.
I might find myself taken off, at a moment's notice, to the police court at Frizinghall, to be charged on suspicion, and searched accordingly.
While Sergeant Cuff still left me free, I had to choose--and at once--between destroying the nightgown, or hiding it in some safe place, at some safe distance from the house.
"If I had only been a little less fond of you, I think I should have destroyed it.
But oh! how could destroy the only thing I had which proved that I had saved you from discovery?
If we did come to an explanation together, and if you suspected me of having some bad motive, and denied it all, how could I win upon you to trust me, unless I had the nightgown to produce?
Was it wronging you to believe, as I did and do still, that you might hesitate to let a poor girl like me be the sharer of your secret, and your accomplice in the theft which your money-troubles had tempted you to commit?
Think of your cold behaviour to me, sir, and you will hardly wonder at my unwillingness to destroy the only claim on your confidence and your gratitude which it was my fortune to possess.
Вы были в безопасности до тех пор, пока по будет найдена ваша ночная рубашка, — но ни минуты больше.
"I determined to hide it; and the place I fixed on was the place I knew best--the Shivering Sand.
Я решила спрятать рубашку и выбрала место, известное мне лучше других, — Зыбучие пески.
"As soon as the questioning was over, I made the first excuse that came into my head, and got leave to go out for a breath of fresh air.
Как только допросы закончились, я сослалась на первый же пришедший мне в голову предлог и выпросила позволение пойти подышать свежим воздухом.
I went straight to Cobb's Hole, to Mr. Yolland's cottage.
Я отправилась прямо в Коббс-Голл, в коттедж мистера Йолланда.
His wife and daughter were the best friends I had.
Его жена и дочь были моими друзьями.
Don't suppose I trusted them with your secret--I have trusted nobody.
Не подумайте, что я доверила им вашу тайну; я не доверила ее никому.
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