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There was his unfinished book.
Там была его незаконченная книга.
There was his Diary--in many locked volumes.
Там было несколько тетрадей его дневника.
He opened the volume for this year, and tore out, one by one, the pages relating to the time when you and he were together.
Он открыл тетрадь, относившуюся к нынешнему году, и одну за другой вырвал из нее страницы, посвященные времени, когда вы были вместе.
"Give those," he said, "to Mr. Franklin Blake.
In years to come, he may feel an interest in looking back at what is written there."
Then he clasped his hands, and prayed God fervently to bless you, and those dear to you.
He said he should like to see you again.
But the next moment he altered his mind.
"No," he answered when I offered to write.
"I won't distress him!
I won't distress him!"
“Передайте это мистеру Фрэнклину Блэку, — сказал он, — может быть, со временем ему будет интересно заглянуть в них”.
At his request I next collected the other papers--that is to say, the bundle of letters, the unfinished book and the volumes of the Diary--and enclosed them all in one wrapper, sealed with my own seal.
Все остальное, по его просьбе, я завернул в один пакет и запечатал моей собственной печатью.
"Promise," he said, "that you will put this into my coffin with your own hand; and that you will see that no other hand touches it afterwards."
“Обещайте мне, — сказал он, — что вы положите это мне в гроб своею рукой, и чтоб ничья другая рука не коснулась этого”.
I gave him my promise.
Я обещал.
And the promise has been performed.
И обещание свое я выполнил.
He asked me to do one other thing for him--which it cost me a hard struggle to comply with.
He said,
"Let my grave be forgotten.
Give me your word of honour that you will allow no monument of any sort--not even the commonest tombstone--to mark the place of my burial.
Let me sleep, nameless.
Let me rest, unknown."
Он попросил меня еще об одном: чтобы могила его была забыта.
When I tried to plead with him to alter his resolution, he became for the first, and only time, violently agitated.
Я попытался с ним спорить, по он — в первый и в последний раз — пришел в страшное возбуждение.
I could not bear to see it; and I gave way.
Я не мог вынести этого и уступил.
Nothing but a little grass mound marks the place of his rest.
Лишь зеленый дерн отмечает место его упокоения.
In time, the tombstones will rise round it.
Со временем могильные плиты окружат его со всех сторон.
And the people who come after us will look and wonder at the nameless grave.
As I have told you, for six hours before his death his sufferings ceased.
He dozed a little.
I think he dreamed.
Once or twice he smiled.
A woman's name, as I suppose--the name of
"Ella"--was often on his lips at this time.
A few minutes before the end he asked me to lift him on his pillow, to see the sun rise through the window.
He was very weak.
His head fell on my shoulder.
He whispered,
"It's coming!"
Then he said,
"Kiss me!"
I kissed his forehead.
On a sudden he lifted his head.
The sunlight touched his face.
A beautiful expression, an angelic expression, came over it.
He cried out three times,
"Peace! peace! peace!"
His head sank back again on my shoulder, and the long trouble of his life was at an end.
И народ, который будет жить после нас, удивится безыменной могиле.
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