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The voices were just uplifting themselves in a second verse, when they were stopped by a scurry and a yell.
Голоса затянули вторую строфу, но ее прервала суматоха и яростный вопль.
Barker had bounded into the street with a cry of
“South Kensington!” and a drawn dagger.
Баркер выхватил кинжал и прыгнул с крыльца в темноту с кличем:
"Южный Кенсингтон!"
In less time than man could blink, the whole packed street was full of curses and struggling.
Во мгновение ока заполненный народом переулок огласился проклятьями и лязгом оружия.
Barker was flung back against the shop-front, but used the second only to draw his sword as well as his dagger, and calling out,
Баркера отшвырнули назад, к витрине; он перехватил кинжал в левую руку, обнажил меч и кинулся на толпу, выкрикнув:
“This is not the first time I’ve come through the thick of you,” flung himself again into the press.
"Мне вас не впервой рубить!"
It was evident that he had drawn blood at last, for a more violent outcry arose, and many other knives and sworlds were discernible in the faint light.
Кого-то он и правда зарубил или приколол: раздались крики, в полутьме засверкали ножи и мечи.
Barker, after having wounded more than one man, seemed on the point of being flung back again, when Buck suddenly stepped out into the street.
Баркера снова оттеснили, но тут подоспел Бак.
He had no weapon, for he affected rather the peaceful magnificence of the great burgher, than the pugnacious dandyism which had replaced the old sombre dandyism in Barker.
При нем не было оружия; в отличие от Баркера, который из чопорного фата стал фатом драчливым, он сделался мирным, осанистым бюргером.
But with a blow of his clenched fist he broke the pane of the next shop, which was the old curiosity shop, and, plunging in his hand, snatched a kind of Japanese scimitar, and calling out,
Но он разбил кулаком витрину лавки древностей, схватил самурайский меч и, восклицая
Kensington!” rushed to Barker’s assistance.
Кенсингтон!", кинулся на подмогу.
Barker’s sword was broken, but he was laying about him with his dagger.
Меч Баркера сломался; он отмахивался кинжалом.
Just as Buck ran up, a man of Hotting Hill struck Barker down, but Buck struck the man down on top of him, and Barker sprang up again, the blood running down his face.
Его сшибли с ног, но подбежавший Бак уложил нападающего, и Баркер снова вскочил с залитым кровью лицом.
Suddenly all these cries were cloven by a great voice, that seemed to fall out of heaven.
Внезапно все крики перекрыл могучий голос; казалось, он слышался с небес.
It was terrible to Buck and Barker and the King from its seeming to come out the empty skies; but it was more terrible because it was a familiar voice, and one which at the same time they had not heard for so long.
Но Бака, Баркера и короля испугало не это -- они знали, что небеса пусты; страшней было то, что голос был им знаком, хотя они давно его не слышали.
“Turn up the lights,” said the voice from above them, and for a moment there was no reply, but only a tumult.
“In the name of Notting Hill, and of the great Council of the City, turn up the lights.”
-- Зажгите фонари! -- повелел голос из поднебесья; в ответ раздался смутный ропот
-- Именем Ноттинг-Хилла и Совета Старейшин Города, зажгите фонари!
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