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That is the last moment at which he is known to have been alive.’
Это последнее, что нам о нем известно.
Parker gave vent to an apologetic cough which brought the inspector’s eyes on him at once.
Паркер смущенно кашлянул.
Инспектор строго взглянул на него:
‘Well?’ he said sharply.
— Ну?
‘If you’ll excuse me, sir.
— Прошу прощения, сэр.
Miss Flora saw him after that.’
Но мисс Флора видела его после.
‘Miss Flora?’
— Мисс Флора?
‘Yes, sir.
— Да, сэр.
About a quarter to ten that would be.
Было это примерно без четверти десять.
It was after that that she told me Mr Ackroyd wasn’t to be disturbed again tonight.’
Тогда-то она мне и сказала: мистер Экройд не хочет, чтобы его тревожили.
‘Did he send her to you with that message?’
— По его поручению?
‘Not exactly, sir.
— Не совсем так, сэр.
I was bringing a tray with soda and whisky when Miss Flora, who was just coming out of this room, stopped me and said her uncle didn’t want to be disturbed.’
Я нес поднос с виски и содовой, а мисс Флора как раз вышла из кабинета и остановила меня.
The inspector looked at the butler with rather closer attention than he had bestowed on him up to now.
Инспектор очень внимательно посмотрел на Паркера.
‘You’d already been told that Mr Ackroyd didn’t want to be disturbed, hadn’t you?’
— Но вас же уже предупреждали, что мистер Экройд не желает, чтобы его тревожили?
Parker began to stammer.
Паркер начал запинаться.
His hands shook.
Руки у него дрожали.
‘Yes, sir.
— Да, сэр.
Yes, sir.
Да, сэр.
Quite so, sir.’
Именно так, сэр.
‘And yet you were proposing to do so?’
— Но вы все-таки собирались войти?
‘I’d forgotten, sir.
— Я позабыл, сэр.
At least I mean, I always bring the whisky and soda about that time, sir, and ask if there’s anything more, and I thought - well, I was doing as usual without thinking.’
То есть я хочу сказать, что я всегда в это время приношу виски с содовой, сэр, и спрашиваю, не будет ли еще приказаний.
И я полагал… в общем, я как-то не подумал…
It was at this moment that it began to dawn upon me that Parker was most suspiciously flustered.
Тут впервые до моего сознания дошло, что Паркер подозрительно взволнован.
The man was shaking and twitching all over.
Его буквально трясло, как в лихорадке.
‘H’m,’ said the inspector.
— Хм, — сказал инспектор.
‘I must see Miss Ackroyd at once.
— Я должен поговорить с мисс Экройд.
For the moment we’ll leave this room exactly as it is.
I can return here after I’ve heard what Miss Ackroyd has to tell me.
В комнате пока ничего не трогать.
I shall just take the precaution of shutting and bolting the window.’
Я запру окно и дверь.
This precaution accomplished, he led the way into the hall and we followed him.
He paused a moment, as he glanced up at the little staircase, then spoke over his shoulder to the constable.
‘Jones, you’d better stay here.
Don’t let anyone go into that room.’
Parker interposed deferentially.
‘If you’ll excuse me, sir.
If you were to lock the door into the main hall, nobody could gain access to this part.
That staircase leads only to Mr Ackroyd’s bedroom and bathroom.
There is no communication with the other part of the house.
There once was a door through, but Mr Ackroyd had it blocked up.
He liked to feel that his suite was entirely private.’
To make things clear and explain the position, I have appended a rough sketch of the right-hand wing of the house.
The small staircase leads, as Parker explained, to a big bedroom made by two being knocked into one, and an adjoining bathroom and lavatory.
The inspector took in the position at a glance.
We went through into the large hall and he locked the door behind him, slipping the key into his pocket.
Then he gave the constable some low-voiced instructions, and the latter prepared to depart.
‘We must get busy on those shoe tracks,’ explained the inspector.
‘But first of all, I must have a word with Miss Ackroyd.
После этого он направился в холл, а мы за ним.
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