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‘Lord, take her,’ exclaimed the general with relief.
— Господи, да забирайте ее, — обрадованно воскликнул один из джентльменов.
‘All she’s done is make us feel insecure.
— С ней одна морока.
At least she might have disliked or resented us for the hundred dollars we paid her.
За те сто долларов, что мы ей дали, она могла хотя бы злиться и ругаться.
But she wouldn’t even do that.
Но она даже этого не пожелала делать.
Your handsome young friend there seems quite attached to her.
Ваш очаровательный юный друг, кажется, не на шутку к ней привязан?
Notice the way he lets his fingers linger on the inside of her thighs as he pretends to roll up her stockings.’
Йоссариан помог Нейтли вывести его девицу в коридор и посадить в лифт.
Nately, caught in the act, blushed guiltily and moved more quickly through the steps of dressing her.
She was sound asleep and breathed so regularly that she seemed to be snoring softly.
‘Let’s charge her now, Lou!’ urged another officer.
‘We’ve got more personnel, and we can encircle—’
‘Oh, no, Bill,’ answered the general with a sigh.
‘You may be a wizard at directing a pincer movement in good weather on level terrain against an enemy that has already committed his reserves, but you don’t always think so clearly anywhere else.
Why should we want to keep her?’
‘General, we’re in a very bad strategic position.
We haven’t got a stitch of clothing, and it’s going to be very degrading and embarrassing for the person who has to go downstairs through the lobby to get some.’
‘Yes, Filpo, you’re quite right,’ said the general.
‘And that’s exactly why you’re the one to do it.
Get going.’
‘Naked, sir?’
‘Take your pillow with you if you want to.
And get some cigarettes, too, while you’re downstairs picking up my underwear and pants, will you?’
‘I’ll send everything up for you,’ Yossarian offered.
‘There, General,’ said Filpo with relief.
‘Now I won’t have to go.’
‘Filpo, you nitwit.
Can’t you see he’s lying?’
‘Are you lying?’
Yossarian nodded, and Filpo’s faith was shattered.
Yossarian laughed and helped Nately walk his girl out into the corridor and into the elevator.
Her face was smiling as though with a lovely dream as she slept with her head still resting on Nately’s shoulder.
На лице ее блуждала улыбка, как будто ей снился сладкий сон, а голова покоилась на плече Нейтли.
Dobbs and Dunbar ran out into the street to stop a cab.
Доббс и Данбэр побежали за извозчиком.
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