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At the airport in Rome, Yossarian dumped her out of the plane on the taxi strip, and Hungry Joe took right off for Pianosa again without even cutting his engines.
В римском аэропорту они выгрузили нейтлеву девицу на рулежную дорожку, и Заморыш Джо, не выключавший даже моторов, тут же взял курс обратно в Пьяносу.
Scarcely breathing, Yossarian scrutinized every figure warily as he and Hungry Joe walked back through the squadron toward their tents.
Когда они с Заморышем Джо возвращались в свои палатки, Йоссариан пристально и настороженно всматривался в каждого встречного.
Hungry Joe eyed him steadily with a funny expression.
Заморыш Джо насмешливо взглянул на Йоссариана.
‘Are you sure you didn’t imagine the whole thing?’
Hungry Joe inquired hesitantly after a while.
— Ты уверен, что все это тебе не померещилось? — спросил он, немного замявшись.
‘Imagine it?
— Померещилось?
You were right there with me, weren’t you?
You just flew her back to Rome.’
Ты же все время был со мной и только что сам отвез ее в Рим.
‘Maybe I imagined the whole thing, too.
— А может, мне тоже померещилось.
Why does she want to kill you for?’
Почему она хочет тебя убить?
‘She never did like me.
— Я ей никогда не нравился.
Maybe it’s because I broke his nose, or maybe it’s because I was the only one in sight she could hate when she got the news.
То ли потому, что я перебил Нейтли нос, то ли потому, что, когда я сообщил ей о его гибели, ей не на ком было выместить свою злобу.
Do you think she’ll come back?’
Как ты думаешь, она вернется?
Yossarian went to the officers’ club that night and stayed very late.
В этот вечер Йоссариан отправился в офицерский клуб и задержался там допоздна.
He kept a leery eye out for Nately’s whore as he approached his tent.
Возвращаясь к себе, он злобно косил глазами по сторонам.
He stopped when he saw her hiding in the bushes around the side, gripping a huge carving knife and all dressed up to look like a Pianosan farmer.
Yossarian tiptoed around the back noiselessly and seized her from behind.
‘Caramba!’ she exclaimed in a rage, and resisted like a wildcat as he dragged her inside the tent and hurled her down on the floor.
‘Hey, what’s going on?’ queried one of his roommates drowsily.
‘Hold her till I get back,’ Yossarian ordered, yanking him out of bed on top of her and running out.
‘Hold her!’
‘Let me kill him and I’ll ficky-fick you all,’ she offered.
The other roommates leaped out of their cots when they saw it was a girl and tried to make her ficky-fick them all first as Yossarian ran to get Hungry Joe, who was sleeping like a baby.
Yossarian lifted Huple’s cat off Hungry Joe’s face and shook him awake.
Hungry Joe dressed rapidly.
This time they flew the plane north and turned in over Italy far behind the enemy lines.
When they were over level land, they strapped a parachute on Nately’s whore and shoved her out the escape hatch.
Yossarian was positive that he was at last rid of her and was relieved.
As he approached his tent back in Pianosa, a figure reared up in the darkness right beside the path, and he fainted.
Когда он подходил к своей палатке, в темноте у тропинки выросла чья-то фигура.
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