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Papa, these poor creatures love their children as much as you do me.
О, сделай что-нибудь для них!
O! do something for them!
Вот хотя бы наша бедная Мэмми: она любит своих детей… Я видела, как она плакала и тосковала о них.
There's poor Mammy loves her children; I've seen her cry when she talked about them.
Том тоже любит своих детей, с которыми он разлучен.
Ах, папа, папа, так ужасно все это знать!
And Tom loves his children; and it's dreadful, papa, that such things are happening, all the time!"
– Успокойся, ангел мой, – произнес Сен-Клер, – я обещаю тебе сделать все, что ты хочешь.
"There, there, darling," said St. Clare, soothingly; "only don't distress yourself, don't talk of dying, and I will do anything you wish."
– Тогда обещай мне, что Том будет освобожден, как только… – она не договорила, затем после некоторого колебания добавила: – Как только меня не станет…
"And promise me, dear father, that Tom shall have his freedom as soon as"-she stopped, and said, in a hesitating tone-"I am gone!"
– Да, да, дорогая, я исполню все, о чем ты просишь.
"Yes, dear, I will do anything in the world,-anything you could ask me to."
– Милый, милый… – прошептала она, прижимаясь горячей щекой к его щеке. – Как бы я хотела, чтобы мы ушли вместе…
"Dear papa," said the child, laying her burning cheek against his, "how I wish we could go together!"
"Where, dearest?" said St. Clare.
"To our Saviour's home; it's so sweet and peaceful there-it is all so loving there!"
The child spoke unconsciously, as of a place where she had often been.
"Don't you want to go, papa?" she said.
Сен-Клер молча прижал ее к своей груди.
St. Clare drew her closer to him, but was silent.
– Ты скоро придешь ко мне, – произнесла девочка спокойным, уверенным тоном.
"You will come to me," said the child, speaking in a voice of calm certainty which she often used unconsciously.
– Да, я отправлюсь вслед за тобой, – прошептал Сен-Клер. – Я тебя не забуду.
"I shall come after you.
I shall not forget you."
Вечер между тем спустил вокруг них свой торжественный покров.
Сен-Клер не мог говорить и только прижимал к себе это маленькое, хрупкое тельце.
The shadows of the solemn evening closed round them deeper and deeper, as St. Clare sat silently holding the little frail form to his bosom.
He saw no more the deep eyes, but the voice came over him as a spirit voice, and, as in a sort of judgment vision, his whole past life rose in a moment before his eyes: his mother's prayers and hymns; his own early yearnings and aspirings for good; and, between them and this hour, years of worldliness and scepticism, and what man calls respectable living.
We can think much, very much, in a moment.
Наступила ночь.
Он отнес девочку в комнату и, когда она переоделась, снова взял ее на руки и держал так, пока она не уснула.
St. Clare saw and felt many things, but spoke nothing; and, as it grew darker, he took his child to her bed-room; and, when she was prepared for rest; he sent away the attendants, and rocked her in his arms, and sung to her till she was asleep.
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