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He gave a sudden start and shiver; but made no answer.
– Дорогой мой папа, – повторила Ева.
"Dear papa!" said Eva.
– Нет, нет, не могу! – почти вскрикнул Сен-Клер, поднимаясь с кресла. – Мне не вынести этой муки!
"I cannot," said St. Clare, rising,
"I cannot have it so!
Небо слишком жестоко поразило меня!
В голосе его послышалась нестерпимая горечь.
The Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me!" and St. Clare pronounced these words with a bitter emphasis, indeed.
"Augustine! has not God a right to do what he will with his own?" said Miss Ophelia.
"Perhaps so; but that doesn't make it any easier to bear," said he, with a dry, hard, tearless manner, as he turned away.
– Папа, – воскликнула Ева, – ты разрываешь мне сердце! – Она бросилась отцу на шею и так горько разрыдалась, что перепугала всех.
"Papa, you break my heart!" said Eva, rising and throwing herself into his arms; "you must not feel so!" and the child sobbed and wept with a violence which alarmed them all, and turned her father's thoughts at once to another channel.
– Ева, маленькая моя, успокойся, успокойся! – повторял Сен-Клер. – Не огорчайся, не плачь… Видишь, я уже успокоился…
"There, Eva,-there, dearest!
Hush! hush!
I was wrong; I was wicked.
I will feel any way, do any way,-only don't distress yourself; don't sob so.
I will be resigned; I was wicked to speak as I did."
Девочка прильнула к груди отца, и он, склонившись, старался утешить ее ласковыми словами.
Eva soon lay like a wearied dove in her father's arms; and he, bending over her, soothed her by every tender word he could think of.
Мари поднялась и выбежала из комнаты.
Marie rose and threw herself out of the apartment into her own, when she fell into violent hysterics.
– Ты мне не подарила локона, – произнес Сен-Клер с печальной укоризной.
"You didn't give me a curl, Eva," said her father, smiling sadly.
– Вот все эти для тебя и для мамы, – сказала Ева, тряхнув головой. – И доброй кузине Офелии вы тоже дайте… Но этим бедным, несчастным людям я хотела подарить мои локоны сама, чтобы о них потом не забыли.
"They are all yours, papa," said she, smiling-"yours and mamma's; and you must give dear aunty as many as she wants.
I only gave them to our poor people myself, because you know, papa, they might be forgotten when I am gone, and because I hoped it might help them remember… You are a Christian, are you not, papa?" said Eva, doubtfully.
"Why do you ask me?"
"I don't know.
You are so good, I don't see how you can help it."
"What is being a Christian, Eva?"
"Loving Christ most of all," said Eva.
"Do you, Eva?"
"Certainly I do."
"You never saw him," said St. Clare.
"That makes no difference," said Eva.
"I believe him, and in a few days I shall see him;" and the young face grew fervent, radiant with joy.
St. Clare said no more.
It was a feeling which he had seen before in his mother; but no chord within vibrated to it.
Ева быстро угасала.
Нельзя было больше обманывать себя, надеяться.
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