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The hand with which George was taking the tickets and change trembled a little; but he turned coolly around, fixed an unconcerned glance on the face of the speaker, and walked leisurely toward another part of the boat, where Eliza stood waiting for him.
Миссис Смит и Генри заняли места в дамской каюте, где смуглая красота ребенка вызвала бурные восторги пассажирок, которые осыпали его ласками.
Mrs. Smyth, with little Harry, sought the seclusion of the ladies' cabin, where the dark beauty of the supposed little girl drew many flattering comments from the passengers.
Прозвучал последний звонок.
Джордж с радостью увидел, как Мэркс сошел с парохода на берег.
Глубокий вздох облегчения вырвался из его груди, когда первые же повороты колеса удалили пароход от берега на такое расстояние, которое было непреодолимо для его преследователей.
George had the satisfaction, as the bell rang out its farewell peal, to see Marks walk down the plank to the shore; and drew a long sigh of relief, when the boat had put a returnless distance between them.
Был чудесный день.
It was a superb day.
Лазурные волны озера переливались, сверкая под ослепительными лучами солнца.
The blue waves of Lake Erie danced, rippling and sparkling, in the sun-light.
С берега дул свежий ветерок, и корабль гордо плыл вперед, оставляя за собой пенистый след.
A fresh breeze blew from the shore, and the lordly boat ploughed her way right gallantly onward.
O, what an untold world there is in one human heart!
Who thought, as George walked calmly up and down the deck of the steamer, with his shy companion at his side, of all that was burning in his bosom?
The mighty good that seemed approaching seemed too good, too fair, even to be a reality; and he felt a jealous dread, every moment of the day, that something would rise to snatch it from him.
But the boat swept on.
Шли часы, и наконец, ясно видимый, уже недалекий, показался берег Канады.
Hours fleeted, and, at last, clear and full rose the blessed English shores; shores charmed by a mighty spell,-with one touch to dissolve every incantation of slavery, no matter in what language pronounced, or by what national power confirmed.
Корабль приближался к маленькому городку Амхертсберг.
Джордж взял руку своей жены.
George and his wife stood arm in arm, as the boat neared the small town of Amherstberg, in Canada.
Он задыхался от волнения, глаза его заволокло туманом.
His breath grew thick and short; a mist gathered before his eyes; he silently pressed the little hand that lay trembling on his arm.
Прозвучал колокол, и судно пришвартовалось к пристани.
The bell rang; the boat stopped.
Джордж двигался как во сне; он собрал вещи, разыскал миссис Смит и Генри, и все они высадились на берег.
Scarcely seeing what he did, he looked out his baggage, and gathered his little party.
The little company were landed on the shore.
They stood still till the boat had cleared; and then, with tears and embracings, the husband and wife, with their wondering child in their arms, knelt down and lifted up their hearts to God!
"'T was something like the burst from death to life;
From the grave's cerements to the robes of heaven;
From sin's dominion, and from passion's strife,
To the pure freedom of a soul forgiven;
Where all the bonds of death and hell are riven,
And mortal puts on immortality,
When Mercy's hand hath turned the golden key,
And Mercy's voice hath said, Rejoice, thy soul is free."
Миссис Смит отвела их в дом одного миссионера[27 - Миссионер – религиозный проповедник в колониальных странах (от латинского слова «миссио» – поручение).], который никогда не отказывал в приюте несчастным, искавшим спасения у этих берегов.
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