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...have discovered the delights of the Mirror of Erised.
...открыл сокрытое в зеркале Еиналеж.
l trust by now you realize what it does.
Думаю, ты уже понял, что оно делает.
Let me give you a clue.
Позволь дать тебе совет.
The happiest man on earth...
Если бы счастливейший на земле человек...
...would look in the mirror and see only himself...
...заглянул бы в это зеркало, то увидел бы лишь себя...
...exactly as he is.
...таким, какой он есть.
So then, it shows us what we want. Whatever we want.
Значит, оно показывает наши желания. Что бы мы ни пожелали.
Yes. And no.
Да. И нет.
lt shows us nothing more or less...
Оно показывает не больше, не меньше...
...than the deepest and most desperate desires of our hearts.
...как самые глубокие и сокровенные желания наших сердец.
Now you, Harry, who have never known your family...
Вот ты, Гарри, который никогда не знал своей семьи...
...you see them standing beside you.
...видишь их, стоящих позади тебя.
But remember this, Harry.
Но учти, Гарри.
This mirror gives us neither knowledge...
Это зеркало не даст ни знаний...
...or truth.
...ни правды.
Men have wasted away in front of it. Even gone mad.
Люди чахли возле него. Даже теряли разум.
That is why tomorrow it will be moved to a new home.
Именно поэтому завтра его перенесут в другое место.
And l must ask you...
И я должен тебя попросить...
...not to go looking for it again.
...не искать его вновь.
lt does not do to dwell on dreams...
Не стоит жить в мечтах...
...and forget to live.
Hi, Hedwig.
Look at you, playing with your cards. Pathetic!
We've got final exams soon.
l'm ready. Ask me any question.
What are the ingredients in a Forgetfulness Potion?
l forgot.
What do you plan to do if it's in the exam?
-Copy off you. -No, you won't.
Besides, we're to be given special quills with an Anti-Cheating Spell.
That's insulting! lt's as if they don't trust us! Dumbledore again!
-Leg-Locker Curse? -Malfoy.
You have got to start standing up to people.
How? l can barely stand at all!
l'll do the countercurse!
No, that's all l need! You to set my kneecaps on fire!
l don't appreciate the insinuation, Longbottom.
Besides, if anyone cared to notice...
...my eyebrows have completely grown back!
l found him!
''Dumbledore is famous for defeating the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1 945.''
-Go on! -''For discovering dragon blood...
...and his alchemy work with Nicholas Flamel'' !
l knew it was familiar. l read it on the train.
Follow me!
Wait! Where are you going?
What about the countercurse?
...и забывать о реальной жизни.
l had you looking in the wrong section. How could l be so stupid?
Вы смотрите не в той секции. Как я могла быть такой глупой?
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