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Слово "terminate". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. terminate [ˈtɛ:rmɪnt]глагол
    1. ставить предел, положить конец

      Примеры использования

      1. Now that Yossarian looked back, it seemed that Nurse Cramer, rather than the talkative Texan, had murdered the soldier in white; if she had not read the thermometer and reported what she had found, the soldier in white might still be lying there alive exactly as he had been lying there all along, encased from head to toe in plaster and gauze with both strange, rigid legs elevated from the hips and both strange arms strung up perpendicularly, all four bulky limbs in casts, all four strange, useless limbs hoisted up in the air by taut wire cables and fantastically long lead weights suspended darkly above him. Lying there that way might not have been much of a life, but it was all the life he had, and the decision to terminate it, Yossarian felt, should hardly have been Nurse Cramer’s. The soldier in white was like an unrolled bandage with a hole in it or like a broken block of stone in a harbor with a crooked zinc pipe jutting out. The other patients in the ward, all but the Texan, shrank from him with a tenderhearted aversion from the moment they set eyes on him the morning after the night he had been sneaked in.
        Когда обитатели палаты наутро обнаружили, кого им ночью тайком подложили в палату, — все, за исключением техасца, стали шарахаться от солдата с сострадательно-брезгливыми гримасами на лице.
        Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 172
      2. By the time that exercise was terminated, day had fully dawned.
        Тем временем окончательно рассвело.
        Джейн Эйр. Шарлотта Бронте, стр. 45
    2. кончать(ся), завершать(ся) (in )

      Примеры использования

      1. "But now he is terminated.
        А теперь спета его песенка!
        По ком звонит колокол. Эрнест Хемингуэй, стр. 34
      2. Freight-cars were assembled here by thousands from all parts of the country—yellow, red, blue, green, white. (Chicago, he recalled, already had thirty railroads terminating here, as though it were the end of the world.) The little low one and two story houses, quite new as to wood, were frequently unpainted and already smoky—in places grimy.
        На путях стояли тысячи товарных вагонов, желтых, красных, синих, зеленых, белых, пригнанных сюда со всех концов страны. В Чикаго, вспомнилось Каупервуду, словно меридианы к полюсу, сходятся тридцать железнодорожных линий. Низенькие деревянные одноэтажные и двухэтажные домики, как видно недавно отстроенные и часто даже неоштукатуренные, были уже покрыты густым слоем копоти, а порою и грязи.
        Титан. Теодор Драйзер, стр. 3
      3. Both ends of the line are exposed; the lower end terminating in an eye-splice or loop coming up from the bottom against the side of the tub, and hanging over its edge completely disengaged from everything.
        Оба конца у линя выводятся наружу, нижний конец с огоном, или петлей, поднимается со дна кадки по стенке и свободно свешивается через край.
        Моби Дик, или Белый кит. Герман Мелвилл, стр. 296
    3. ограничивать

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