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  1. adduce [əˈdju:s] глагол
    представлять, приводить (в качестве доказательства)

    Примеры использования

    1. ... dollars." Professor Stowe says, "With all these, except G-, I have been, for some years, personally acquainted, and make my statements from my own knowledge." The writer well remembers an aged colored woman, who was employed as a washerwoman in her father's family. The daughter of this woman married a slave. She was a remarkably active and capable young woman, and, by her industry and thrift, and the most persevering self-denial, raised nine hundred dollars for her husband's freedom, which she paid, as she raised it, into the hands of his master. She yet wanted a hundred dollars of the price, when he died. She never recovered any of the money. These are but few facts, among multitudes which might be adduced, to show the self-denial, energy, patience, and honesty, which the slave has exhibited in a state of freedom. And let it be remembered that these individuals have thus bravely succeeded in conquering for themselves comparative wealth and social position, in the face of every ...
      Вина их еще более тяжкая, чем вина южан, ибо они не могут ссылаться на обычаи, привычку и воспитание.
      Хижина дяди Тома. Гарриет Бичер-Стоу, стр. 529
    2. The only other evidence which I can adduce is from the log of the SS.
      Показания подсудимого не были приняты во внимание, а между тем они могут находиться в прямой связи с интересующим нас вопросом.
      Затерянный мир. Артур Конан-Дойл, стр. 207
    3. The morning had been a quiet morning enough—all except the brief scene with the lunatic: the transaction in the church had not been noisy; there was no explosion of passion, no loud altercation, no dispute, no defiance or challenge, no tears, no sobs: a few words had been spoken, a calmly pronounced objection to the marriage made; some stern, short questions put by Mr. Rochester; answers, explanations given, evidence adduced; an open admission of the truth had been uttered by my master; then the living proof had been seen; the intruders were gone, and all was over.
      В общем утро было довольно спокойное, кроме короткой сцены с сумасшедшей. Весь эпизод в церкви совершился бесшумно, не было ни взрыва страстей, ни громких споров, вызовов или оскорблений, не было слез и рыданий. Было произнесено всего несколько слов: спокойное заявление о невозможности брака. Мистер Рочестер задал несколько коротких угрюмых вопросов, последовали ответ, объяснение, доказательства. Мой хозяин открыто сознался во всем, затем привел живое подтверждение своих слов. Чужие ушли, и все было кончено.
      Джейн Эйр. Шарлотта Бронте, стр. 329

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