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Слово "legislature". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. legislature [ˈleɪslə]существительное
    1. законодательная власть; законодательные учреждения

      Примеры использования

      1. In fact, he looked a little amused. The face of a man who has seen this reaction scores of times-maybe hundreds. "All right. But it better be good." "Oh, it is. " Donatti leaned back. "I told you we were pragmatists here. As pragmatists, we have to start by realizing how difficult it is to cure an addiction to tobacco. The relapse rate is almost eight-five per cent. The relapse rate for heroin addicts is lower than that. It is an extraordinary problem. Extraordinary." Morrison glanced into the wastebasket. One of the cigarettes, although twisted, still looked smokeable. Donatti laughed good-naturedly, reached into the wastebasket, and broke it between his fingers. "State legislatures sometimes hear a request that the prison systems do away with the weekly cigarette ration. Such proposals are invariably defeated. In a few cases where they have passed, there have been fierce prison riots. Riots, Mr Morrison. Imagine it." "I," Morrison said, "am not surprised." "But consider the implications. When you put a man in prison you take away any normal sex life, you take away his liquor, his politics, his freedom of movement. No riots-or few in comparison to the number of prisons. But when you take away his cigarettes-wham! bam!" He slammed his fist on the desk for emphasis. "During World War I, when no one on the German home front could get cigarettes, the sight of German aristocrats picking butts out of the gutter was a common one. During World War II, many American women turned to pipes when they were unable to obtain cigarettes. A fascinating problem for the true pragmatist, Mr Morrison."
        Казалось, что происходящее даже забавляет его, и он наблюдал подобные сцены сотни раз.
        Корпорация "Бросайте курить" Стивен КИНГ, стр. 8
      2. And that an act of legislature shall make this universal and binding in the future."
        И чтобы впредь это стало законом.
        Красивые люди. Чарльз Бомонт, стр. 14
      3. In the growth of the town, however, after some thirty or forty years, the site covered by this rude hovel had become exceedingly desirable in the eyes of a prominent and powerful personage, who asserted plausible claims to the proprietorship of this and a large adjacent tract of land, on the strength of a grant from the legislature.
        Когда же, лет через тридцать или сорок, деревня разрослась в город, место, на котором стояла лачуга Моула, чрезвычайно приглянулось одному статному и сильному человеку, который и предъявил притязания на владение как этим участком, так и обширной полосой окрестных земель — в силу того, что они были пожалованы ему правительством.
        Дом о семи шпилях. Натаниэль Готорн, стр. 2
    2. американский, употребляется в США — законодательный орган штата

      Примеры использования

      1. As if that were not enough, the state legislature was called into emergency session and Atticus left us for two weeks.
        А ко всему законодательное собрание штата собралось на какую-то внеочередную сессию, и Аттикус уехал на две недели.
        Убить пересмешника. Харпер Ли, стр. 120
      2. She was a Graham from Montgomery; Atticus met her when he was first elected to the state legislature.
        Она была из города Монтгомери, урождённая Грэм; Аттикус познакомился с нею, когда его в первый раз выбрали в законодательное собрание штата.
        Убить пересмешника. Харпер Ли, стр. 4

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