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Слово "nimble". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. nimble [ˈnɪmbl]имя прилагательное
    1. проворный, ловкий, шустрый; лёгкий (в движениях)

      Примеры использования

      1. A few minutes later an elegant sedan drew up at the gate; the chauffeur jumped nimbly down „and flung the door open.
        Через несколько минут у дачных ворот круто остановился изящный автомобиль-карета, и шофер, ловко спрыгнув с сиденья, распахнул дверцу.
        Гранатовый браслет. Александр Куприн, стр. 3
      2. This meant stooping and giving a back, on which little M. Floçon climbed nimbly, and so was raised to the necessary height. A close scrutiny revealed nothing unusual. The exterior of the car was encrusted with the mud and dust gathered in the journey, none of which appeared to have been disturbed. M. Floçon reëntered the carriage neither disappointed nor pleased; his mind was in an open state, ready to receive any impressions, and as yet only one that was at all clear and distinct was borne in on him. This was the presence of the lace and the jet beads in the theatre of the crime. The inference was fair and simple. He came logically and surely to this: 1. That some woman had entered the compartment. 2. That whether or not she had come in before the crime, she was there after the window had been opened, which was not done by the murdered man. 3. That she had leaned out, or partly passed out, of the window at some time or other, as the scrap of lace testified. 4. Why had she leaned out? To seek some means of exit or escape, of course. But escape from whom? from what? The murderer? Then she must know him, and unless an accomplice (if so, why run from him?), she would give up her knowledge on compulsion, if not voluntarily, as seemed doubtful, seeing she (his suspicions were consolidating) had not done so already. But there might be another even stronger reason to attempt escape at such imminent risk as leaving an express train at full speed. To escape from her own act and the consequences it must entail—escape from horror first, from detection next, and then from arrest and punishment. All this would imperiously impel even a weak woman to face the worst peril, to look out, lean out, even try the terrible but impossible feat of climbing out of the car.
        Это означало, что охраннику пришлось согнуться и подставить спину, на которую маленький мсье Фльосон проворно вскарабкался и оказался на необходимой высоте.
        Римский экспресс. Артур Гриффитс, стр. 17
      3. Mrs. Reed was rather a stout woman; but, on hearing this strange and audacious declaration, she ran nimbly up the stair, swept me like a whirlwind into the nursery, and crushing me down on the edge of my crib, dared me in an emphatic voice to rise from that place, or utter one syllable during the remainder of the day.
        Миссис Рид была женщиной довольно тучной, но, услышав это странное и дерзкое заявление, она вихрем взлетела по лестнице, втащила меня в детскую и, швырнув меня на кроватку, весьма решительно приказала мне весь день не сходить с места и не раскрывать рта.
        Джейн Эйр. Шарлотта Бронте, стр. 24
    2. живой, подвижный, гибкий (об уме)
    3. сообразительный

      Примеры использования

      1. A little wit, a little nimbleness, a little luck-time and opportunity—these sometimes availed.
        Немного прозорливости, немного сметки, немного удачи — время и случай, — вот что по большей части решает дело.
        Финансист. Теодор Драйзер, стр. 79
      2. He was a thin but extraordinarily nimble and lively little old man of sixty-five, with an everlastingly laughing face and drunken eyes.
        Это маленький, тощенький, но необыкновенно юркий и подвижной старикашка лет 65-ти, с вечно смеющимся лицом и пьяными глазами.
        Ванька. Чехов Антон Павлович, стр. 1
    4. быстрый, находчивый (об ответе)

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