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Слово "transmute". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. transmute [trænzˈmju:t] глагол

    Примеры использования

    1. It was in midsummer, when the alchemy of nature transmutes the sylvan landscape to one vivid and almost homogeneous mass of green; when the senses are well-nigh intoxicated with the surging seas of moist verdure and the subtly indefinable odors of the soil and the vegetation.
      Это было в середине лета, когда алхимия природы превращает пейзаж в один живой и почти однородный зеленый массив; когда чувствуешь упоение от шелестящей вокруг тебя влажной после дождя листвы и не поддающейся тонкому распознаванию запахов земли и растительности.
      Склеп. Говард Лавкрафт, стр. 3
    2. My ear-drums are pierced. You outwhistle—” “Orpheus.” “I was about to say a street-arab,” she concluded severely. “Poesy does not prevent one from being practical—at least it doesn’t prevent me. Mine is no futility of genius that can’t sell gems to the magazines.” He assumed a mock extravagance, and went on: “I am no attic singer, no ballroom warbler. And why? Because I am practical. Mine is no squalor of song that cannot transmute itself, with proper exchange value, into a flower-crowned cottage, a sweet mountain-meadow, a grove of redwoods, an orchard of thirty-seven trees, one long row of blackberries and two short rows of strawberries, to say nothing of a quarter of a mile of gurgling brook. I am a beauty-merchant, a trader in song, and I pursue utility, dear Madge. I sing a song, and thanks to the magazine editors I transmute my song into a waft of the west wind sighing through our redwoods, into a murmur of waters over mossy stones that sings back to me another song than the one I sang and yet the same song wonderfully—er—transmuted.” “O that all your song-transmutations were as successful!” she laughed. “Name one that wasn’t.” “Those two beautiful sonnets that you transmuted into the cow that was accounted the worst milker in the township.” “She was beautiful—” he began, “But she didn’t give milk,” Madge interrupted. “But she was beautiful, now, wasn’t she?” he insisted. “And here’s where beauty and utility fall out,” was her reply.
      У меня просто барабанные перепонки лопаются. Знаешь, ты, кажется, способен пересвистать уличного мальчишку.
      Бурый волк. Джек Лондон, стр. 1
    3. “There’ll be a check at the post-office, I know, and we’ll transmute it into beautiful buckwheat flour, a gallon of maple syrup, and a new pair of overshoes for you.”
      — Уверен, что на почте уже лежат для меня денежки и мы превратим их в превосходную гречневую муку, в галлон кленового сиропа и новые калоши для тебя.
      Бурый волк. Джек Лондон, стр. 6

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