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Half a dozen times a day we would leave our vehicle and go outside in the spacesuits to hunt for interesting minerals, or to place markers for the guidance of future travelers.
Бывало, раз шесть на дню мы оставляли луноход и, защищенные скафандрами, искали интересные минералы или устанавливали дорожные указатели для будущих путешественников.
It was an uneventful routine.
There is nothing hazardous or even particularly exciting about lunar exploration.
We could live comfortably for a month in our pressurized tractors, and if we ran into trouble we could always radio for help and sit tight until one of the spaceships came to our rescue.
I said just now that there was nothing exciting about lunar exploration, but of course that isn’t true.
One could never grow tired of those incredible mountains, so much more rugged than the gentle hills of Earth.
We never knew, as we rounded the capes and promontories of that vanished sea, what new splendors would be revealed to us.
The whole southern curve of the Mare Crisiurn is a vast delta where a score of rivers once found their way into the ocean, fed perhaps by the torrential rains that must have lashed the mountains in the brief volcanic age when the Moon was young.
Each of these ancient valleys was an invitation, challenging us to climb into the unknown uplands beyond.
But we had a hundred miles still to cover, and could only look longingly at the heights which others must scale.
We kept Earth-time aboard the tractor, and precisely at 22.00 hours the final radio message would be sent out to Base and we would close down for the day.
Жизнь на вездеходе протекала по земному времени, и ровно в 22:00 мы посылали на базу радиограмму о том, что работа на данный день закончена.
Outside, the rocks would still be burning beneath the almost vertical sun, but to us it was night until we awoke again eight hours later.
Снаружи скалы еще рдели под лучами почти вертикального Солнца, а для нас наступала ночь, и мы спали не менее восьми часов.
Then one of us would prepare breakfast, there would be a great buzzing of electric razors, and someone would switch on the short-wave radio from Earth.
Завтрак готовили по очереди.
Indeed, when the smell of frying sausages began to fill the cabin, it was sometimes hard to believe that we were not back on our own world - everything was so normal and homely, apart from the feeling of decreased weight and the unnatural slowness with which objects fell.
It was my turn to prepare breakfast in the corner of the main cabin that served as a galley.
На сей раз это делал я, расположившись в углу главной каюты, который служил нам камбузом.

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