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Слово "actual". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. actual [ˈækl]имя прилагательное
    1. фактически существующий; действительный; подлинный;
      actual speed действительная скорость; авиация истинная скорость;
      actual capital действительный капитал;
      actual load полезная нагрузка;
      in actual fact в действительности;
      the actual position фактическое, существующее положение (дел)

      Примеры использования

      1. "I'd like to spend one point and get the actual cereal bars back," said Harry.
        — Хочу потратить один балл на батончики со злаками, — с нажимом сказал Гарри.
        Гарри Поттер и методы рационального мышления Часть1(1-30). Элиезер Юдковский, стр. 157
      2. In actual fact, people came into the world, shaved, and died rather rarely in the regional centre of N.
        А на самом деле в уездном городе N люди рождались, брились и умирали довольно редко.
        Двенадцать стульев. Илья Ильф и Евгений Петров, стр. 1
      3. Now it would be nice to see the actual orders."
        Хорошо бы и на ордера посмотреть.
        Двенадцать стульев. Илья Ильф и Евгений Петров, стр. 74
    2. текущий, современный

      Примеры использования

      1. Efforts, it is true, were made by the Pyncheons, not only then, but at various periods for nearly a hundred years afterwards, to obtain what they stubbornly persisted in deeming their right. But, in course of time, the territory was partly re-granted to more favored individuals, and partly cleared and occupied by actual settlers. These last, if they ever heard of the Pyncheon title, would have laughed at the idea of any man's asserting a right—on the strength of moldy parchments, signed with the faded autographs of governors and legislators long dead and forgotten—to the lands which they or their fathers had wrested from the wild hand of nature, by their own sturdy toil. This impalpable claim, therefore, resulted in nothing more solid than to cherish, from generation to generation, an absurd delusion of family importance, which all along characterised the Pyncheons. It caused the poorest member of the race to feel as if he inherited a kind of nobility, and might yet come into the possession of princely wealth to support it. In the better specimens of the breed, this peculiarity threw an ideal grace over the hard material of human life, without stealing away any truly valuable quality. In the baser sort, its effect was to increase the liability to sluggishness and dependence, and induce the victim of a shadowy hope to remit all self-effort, while awaiting the realisation of his dreams.
        Пинчоны, однако, не только на первых порах, но и в разные эпохи следующего столетия, отстаивали свою собственность.
        Дом о семи шпилях. Натаниэль Готорн, стр. 14

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