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Слово "insanity". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. insanity [ɪnˈsænɪtɪ] существительное
    умопомешательство; безумие

    Примеры использования

    1. In fact said high-and-dry Humbert to floundering Humbert it might be quite clever to prepare things to transfer the weapon from box to pocket so as to be ready to take advantage of the spell of insanity when it does come.
      На всякий случай (сказал тот Гумберт, который сидел на суше, тому Гумберту, который барахтался Бог знает где) хорошо бы кое-что подготовить - например, перевести пистолет из коробки в карман, - дабы быть готовым воспользоваться свободой безумия, когда оно найдет.
      Лолита. Набоков Владимир, стр. 236
    2. I sighed, and then looked up to find Mr Porrott eyeing me sympathetically. He seemed an understanding little man. ‘Will you go there, yes?’ he asked. I shook my head with a sigh. ‘I could have gone,’ I said. ‘A year ago. But I was foolish and worse than foolish - greedy. I risked the substance for the shadow.’ ‘I comprehend,’ said Mr Porrott. ‘You speculated?’ I nodded mournfully, but in spite of myself I felt secretly entertained. This ridiculous little man was so portentously solemn. ‘Not the Porcupine Oilfields?’ he asked suddenly. I stared. ‘I thought of them, as a matter of fact, but in the end I plumped for a gold mine in Western Australia.’ My neighbour was regarding me with a strange expression which I could not fathom. ‘It is Fate,’ he said at last. ‘What is Fate?’ I asked irritably. ‘That I should live next to a man who seriously considers Porcupine Oilfields, and also West Australian Gold Mines. Tell me, have you also a penchant for auburn hair?’ I stared at him open-mouthed, and he burst out laughing. ‘No, no, it is not the insanity that I suffer from. Make your mind easy. It was a foolish question that I put to you there, for, you see, my friend of whom I spoke was a young man, a man who thought all women good, and most of them beautiful. But you are a man of middle age, a doctor, a man who knows the folly and the vanity of most things in this life of ours.
      Я снова вздохнул и заметил, что мистер Порротт смотрит на меня с симпатией.
      Убийство Роджера Экройда. Агата Кристи, стр. 13
    3.   Thou shalt perish by the moral insanity of thy children!”
      Суждено погибнуть тебе через нравственное безумие детей твоих!»
      Тайный агент. Джозеф Конрад, стр. 22

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