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Слово "mesmerize". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. mesmerize [ˈmezmərz] глагол
    гипнотизировать; в переносном значении очаровывать, зачаровывать

    Примеры использования

    1. It was absolutely mesmerizing.
      Это было просто завораживающе.
      Субтитры видеоролика "Чему искусственный интеллект может научиться у стаи рыб | Радхика Нагпал | TEDxVancouvernbc. Radhika Nagpal", стр. 1
    2. She was mesmerized.
      Она была загипнотизирована.
      Субтитры видеоролика "Ханс Рослинг и его магическая стиральная машина", стр. 1
    3. ‘The grocer’s man told me it was the one on the right.’ ‘Well, of course it might be, I’ve been into Number 10 once and there, I distinctly remember the dining-room was on the right, and the sitting-room was on the left... ’ ‘It doesn’t look a bit as though there had been a murder done there, does it... ?’ ‘The girl, I believe, came out of the gate screaming her head off... ’ ‘They say she’s not been right in her head since... Terrible shock, of course... ’ ‘He broke in by a back window, so they say. He was putting the silver in a bag when this girl came in and found him there... ’ ‘The poor woman who owns the house, she’s blind, poor soul. So, of course, she couldn’t know what was going on.’ ‘Oh, but she wasn’t there at the time... ’ ‘Oh, I thought she was. I thought she was upstairs and heard him. Oh, dear, I must get on to the shops.’ These and similar conversations went on most of the time. Drawn as though by a magnet, the most unlikely people arrived in Wilbraham Crescent, paused, stared, and then passed on, some inner need satisfied. Here, still puzzling in her mind, Edna Brent found herself jostling a small group of five or six people who were engaged in the favourite pastime of looking at the murder house. Edna, always suggestible, stared also. So that was the house where it happened! Net curtains in the windows. Looked ever so nice. And yet a man had been killed there. Killed with a kitchen knife. An ordinary kitchen knife. Nearly everybody had got a kitchen knife... Mesmerized by the behaviour of the people round her, Edna, too, stared and ceased to think...
      — А разносчик бакалейщика говорит — справа.
      Часы. Агата Кристи, стр. 116

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