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Слово "them". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. them [ðəm] , [ðəm], [ðm] местоимение, (pronoun) личное местоимение, косвенный падеж
    от they

    Примеры использования

    1. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and the rest he keeps for himself.
      Он гонит их на работу, он отсыпает им на прокорм ровно столько, чтобы они не мучились от от голода — все же остальное остается в его владении.
      Скотный Двор. Джордж Оруэлл, стр. 4
    2. One of them, approximately forty years old, dressed in a grey summer suit, was short, dark-haired, plump, bald, and carried his respectable fedora hat in his hand. His neatly shaven face was adorned with black horn-rimmed glasses of a supernatural size.
      Первый из них, одетый в летнюю серенькую пару, был маленького роста, упитан, лыс, свою приличную шляпу пирожком нес в руке, а на хорошо выбритом лице его помещались сверхъестественных размеров очки в черной роговой оправе.
      Мастер и Маргарита. Михаил Булгаков, стр. 1
    3. ... and she said she'd often seen you jump it, and'--he laughed a rather forced laugh--'she promised me a--a kiss if I cleared it. It was a foolish thing to do.' "'Yes, it was rather,' said the other man. "A few days afterwards the man and woman met at a reception. He found her in a leafy corner of the garden talking to some friends. She advanced to meet him, holding out her hand. 'What can I say more than thank you?' she murmured in a low voice. "The others moved away, leaving them alone. 'They tell me you risked your life to save his?' she said. "'Yes,' he answered. "She raised her eyes to his, then struck him across the face with her ungloved hand. "'You damned fool!' she whispered. "He seized her by her white arms, and forced her back behind the orange trees. 'Do you know why?' he said, speaking slowly and distinctly; 'because I feared that, with him dead, you would want me to marry you, and that, talked about as we have been, I might find it awkward to avoid doing so; because I feared ...
      ГЛАВА XI
      Как мы писали роман. Джером К. Джером, стр. 135

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