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Слово "unintelligible". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. unintelligible [ˈʌnɪnˈtelɪɪbl] имя прилагательное

    Примеры использования

    1. But it was no use, he could not remember: nothing remained of his childhood except a series of bright-lit tableaux occurring against no background and mostly unintelligible.
      Но -- без толку, вспомнить он не мог; ничего не осталось от детства, кроме отрывочных ярко освещенных сцен, лишенных фона и чаще всего невразумительных.
      1984. Скотный Двор. Джордж Оруэлл, стр. 3
    2. "This Julien is a singular person, his action is unintelligible," thought M. de Frilair, "and I ought to find nothing unintelligible.
      «Престранное существо этот Жюльен, — раздумывал г-н де Фрилер.  — Поступок его поистине необъясним, а для меня таких вещей не должно быть.
      Красное и черное. Стендаль, стр. 498
    3. For a quarter of an hour at least I penetrated deeper and deeper into the city, without encountering a living creature on my way—with only the starlight to guide me. Turning by chance into a street broader than the rest, I at last saw a moving figure, just visible ahead, under the shadows of the houses. I quickened my pace, and found myself following a man in the dress of a peasant. Hearing my footsteps behind him, he turned and looked at me. Discovering that I was a stranger, he lifted a thick cudgel that he carried with him, shook it threateningly, and called to me in his own language (as I gathered by his actions) to stand back. A stranger in Eukhuizen at that time of night was evidently reckoned as a robber in the estimation of this citizen! I had learned on the voyage, from the captain of the boat, how to ask my way in Dutch, if I happened to be by myself in a strange town; and I now repeated my lesson, asking my way to the fishing office of Messrs. Van Brandt. Either my foreign accent made me unintelligible, or the man's suspicions disinclined him to trust me. Again he shook his cudgel, and again he signed to me to stand back. It was useless to persist. I crossed to the opposite side of the way, and soon afterward lost sight of him under the portico of a house.
      С четверть часа, по крайней мере, я углублялся все дальше в город, не встретив живого существа, и только сопровождаемый звездным мерцанием.
      Две судьбы. Уильям Уилки Коллинз, стр. 222

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