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Слово "cried". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. cried [krd] прошлое и причастие прошедшего времени
    от cry 2

    Примеры использования

    1. ... reached the edge and looked down. Fifteen feet below him was the reality of the dim vision that had come to him a mile back in the woods: the woman's husband swimming round and round like a rat in a pail. "The river was flowing in and out of the lock at the same rate, so that the level of the water remained constant. The first thing the man did was to close the lower sluices and then open those in the upper gate to their fullest extent. The water began to rise. "'Can you hold out?' he cried. "The drowning man turned to him a face already contorted by the agony of exhaustion, and answered with a feeble 'No.' "He looked around for something to throw to the man. A plank had lain there in the morning, he remembered stumbling over it, and complaining of its having been left there; he cursed himself now for his care. "A hut used by the navvies to keep their tools in stood about two hundred yards away; perhaps it had been taken there, perhaps there he might even find a rope. "'Just one minute ...
      ГЛАВА XI
      Как мы писали роман. Джером К. Джером, стр. 135
    2. “Young sir! Young sir! Here! Here!” they cried from all sides.
      — Паничи! паничи! сюды! сюды! — говорили они со всех сторон. 
      Вий. Гоголь Николай Васильевич, стр. 1
    3. 'How happy we are here!' they cried to each other.
      «Как же здорово здесь!»- говорили они друг другу.
      Эгоистичный великан. Оскар Уайльд, стр. 1

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