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Слово "quay". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. quay [ki:] существительное
    причал, набережная; стенка (для причаливания судов)

    Примеры использования

    1. Set me down on any of their quays or foreshores, and I am home again.'
      Высади меня в любом из них на набережную, и я почувствую, что прибыл домой.
      Ветер в ивах. Кеннет Грэм, стр. 109
    2. Three shining mackintoshed figures are walking down the quay, making for the gang-plank of the great liner from which the blue-peter is flying.
      По набережной шагают три фигуры в глянцевитых макинтошах. Они направляются к сходням большого парохода, на которой уже поднят синий флаг.
      Затерянный мир. Артур Конан-Дойл, стр. 56
    3. And yet no madman was fitter for restraint, or less responsible morally for his own actions, than I was at that moment. The night air blew more freshly on our faces. Still led by the child, we had passed through the last street—we were out on the empty open space which was the landward boundary of the harbor. In a minute more we stood on the quay, within a step of the gunwale of the boat. I noticed a change in the appearance of the harbor since I had seen it last. Some fishing-boats had come in during my absence. They moored, some immediately astern and some immediately ahead of my own vessel. I looked anxiously to see if any of the fishermen were on board and stirring. Not a living being appeared anywhere. The men were on shore with their wives and their families.
      А между тем ни один сумасшедший не заслуживал бы больше изоляции и не был менее ответствен нравственно за свои поступки, чем я в эту минуту.
      Две судьбы. Уильям Уилки Коллинз, стр. 238

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