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  1. solemn [ˈsɔləm]имя прилагательное
    1. торжественный;
      on solemn occasions в торжественных случаях

      Примеры использования

      1. Slowly and solemnly he was borne into Briony Lodge and laid out in the principal room, while I still observed the proceedings from my post by the window.
        Медленно и торжественно Холмса внесли в Брайони-лодж и уложили в гостиной, между тем как я все еще наблюдал за происходившим со своего поста у окна.
        Приключения Шерлока Холмса. Скандал в Богемии. Артур Конан-Дойл, стр. 17
      2. Thither, too, thronged the plebeian classes, as freely as their betters, and in larger number. Just within the entrance, however, stood two serving-men, pointing some of the guests to the neighborhood of the kitchen, and ushering others into the statelier rooms—hospitable alike to all, but still with a scrutinising regard to the high or low degree of each. Velvet garments, sombre but rich, stiffly-plaited ruffs and bands, embroidered gloves, venerable beards, the mien and countenance of authority, made it easy to distinguish the gentleman of worship, at that period, from the tradesman, with his plodding air, or the laborer, in his leathern jerkin, stealing awe-stricken into the house which he had perhaps helped to build. One inauspicious circumstance there was, which awakened a hardly concealed displeasure in the breasts of a few of the more punctilious visitors. The founder of this stately mansion—a gentleman noted for the square and ponderous courtesy of his demeanor—ought surely to have stood in his own hall, and to have offered the first welcome to so many eminent personages as here presented themselves in honor of his solemn festival. He was as yet invisible; the most favored of the guests had not beheld him. This sluggishness on Colonel Pyncheon's part became still more unaccountable, when the second dignitary of the province made his appearance, and found no more ceremonious a reception. The lieutenant-governor, although his visit was one of the anticipated glories of the day, had alighted from his horse, and assisted his lady from her side-saddle, and crossed the colonel's threshold, without other greeting than that of the principal domestic. This person—a gray-headed man, of quiet and most respectful deportment—found it necessary to explain that his master still remained in his study, or private apartment; on entering which, an hour before, he had expressed a wish on no account to be disturbed. "Do not you see, fellow," said the high sheriff of the county, taking the servant aside, "that this is no less a man than the lieutenant-governor? Summon Colonel Pyncheon at once! I know that he received letters from England this morning; and, in the perusal and consideration of them, an hour may have passed away without his noticing it. But he will be ill-pleased, I judge, if you suffer him to neglect the courtesy due to one of our chief rulers, and who may be said to represent King William, in the absence of the governor himself. Call your master instantly!" "Nay, please your worship," answered the man, in much perplexity, but with a backwardness that strikingly indicated the hard and severe character of Colonel Pyncheon's domestic rule; "my master's orders were exceedingly strict; and, as your worship knows, he permits of no discretion in the obedience of those who owe him service. Let who list open yonder door; I dare not, though the governor's own voice should bid me do it!" "Pooh, pooh, master high sheriff!" cried the lieutenant-governor, who had overheard the foregoing discussion, and felt himself high enough in station to play a little with his dignity. "I will take the matter into my own hands. It is time that the good colonel came forth to greet his friends, else we shall be apt to suspect that he has taken a sip too much of his Canary wine, in his extreme deliberation which cask it were best to broach, in honor of the day! But since he is so much behindhand, I will give him a remembrancer myself!" Accordingly, with such a tramp of his ponderous riding-boots as might of itself have been audible in the remotest of the seven gables, he advanced to the door, which the servant pointed out, and made its new panels re-echo with a loud, free knock. Then, looking round, with a smile, to the spectators, he awaited a response. As none came, however, he knocked again, but with the same unsatisfactory result as at first. And now, being a trifle choleric in his temperament, the lieutenant-governor uplifted the heavy hilt of his sword, wherewith he so beat and banged upon the door, that, as some of the bystanders whispered, the racket might have disturbed the dead. Be that as it might, it seemed to produce no awakening effect on Colonel Pyncheon. When the sound subsided, the silence through the house was deep, dreary, and oppressive, notwithstanding that the tongues of many of the guests had already been loosened by a surreptitious cup or two of wine or spirits.
        Шло время, а он все не появлялся. Наконец присутствовавший среди гостей лейтенант-губернатор решил позвать хозяина к столу. Он подошел к двери приемной и постучал. Но ответа не последовало. Когда затих стук, в доме царило глубокое, страшное, тяготившее душу молчание.
        Дом о семи шпилях. Натаниэль Готорн, стр. 8
      3. And when Scarlett discovered him jumping fences after his solemn promise to his wife, or learned the exact amount of his losses at poker, as she always did from County gossip, she refrained from mentioning the fact at the supper table in the artfully artless manner Suellen had.
        Если же Скарлетт видела, что отец, невзирая на данное жене обещание, скачет верхом через изгороди, или ненароком узнавала от местных кумушек подлинную сумму его карточного проигрыша, она, в свою очередь, тоже воздерживалась за ужином от упоминания об этих его провинностях, не в пример Сьюлин, выдававшей его секреты с деланно невинным видом.
        УНЕСЕННЫЕ ВЕТРОМ Том 1. Маргарет Митчелл, стр. 34
    2. важный, серьёзный

      Примеры использования

      1. How very serious—how very solemn you look: and you are as ignorant of the matter as this cameo head” (taking one from the mantelpiece). “You have no right to preach to me, you neophyte, that have not passed the porch of life, and are absolutely unacquainted with its mysteries.”
        Какой у вас серьезный, почти торжественный вид! Но вы так же мало смыслите во всем этом, как вот эта камея (он взял с каминной полки камею), и вы не имеете никакого права наставлять меня, ведь вы - всего-навсего молодая послушница, еще не переступившая порога жизни и не ведающая ее тайн.
        Джейн Эйр. Шарлотта Бронте, стр. 148
      2. I am part of that, a little solemn with the feel of those long winters, a little complacent from growing up in the Carraway house in a city where dwellings are still called through decades by a family’s name.
        И часть всего этого — я сам, немножко меланхоличный от привычки к долгой зиме, немножко самонадеянный от того, что рос я в каррауэевском доме, в городе, где и сейчас называют дома по имени владельцев.
        Великий Гэтсби. Фрэнсис Скотт Фицджеральд, стр. 134
      3. This, par parenthèse, will be thought cool language by persons who entertain solemn doctrines about the angelic nature of children, and the duty of those charged with their education to conceive for them an idolatrous devotion: but I am not writing to flatter parental egotism, to echo cant, or prop up humbug; I am merely telling the truth.
        Это - замечу в скобках - может быть сочтено за холодность теми, кто любит разглагольствовать об ангельской природе детей и кто считает долгом воспитателей относиться к ним с обожанием; но я пишу эту книгу не для того, чтобы льстить родительскому эгоизму, не для того, чтобы потворствовать лицемерию или повторять всякий вздор. Моя цель - говорить только правду.
        Джейн Эйр. Шарлотта Бронте, стр. 117
    3. официальный; формальный; отвечающий всем требованиям закона;
      to take a solemn oath торжественно поклясться
    4. тёмный, мрачный;
      solemn fool напыщенный дурак

      Примеры использования

      1. It was Gatsby’s father, a solemn old man, very helpless and dismayed, bundled up in a long cheap ulster against the warm September day.
        Это был отец Гэтсби, скорбного вида старичок, беспомощный и растерянный, увернутый, несмотря на теплый сентябрьский день, в дешевое долгополое пальто с поясом.
        Великий Гэтсби. Фрэнсис Скотт Фицджеральд, стр. 126
      2. M. Bouc said solemnly, “The murderer is with us – on the train now…”
        – А раз так, – заключил мсье Бук, – убийца все еще в поезде. Он среди нас!
        Убийство в «Восточном экспрессе». Агата Кристи, стр. 31
      3. Up-stairs, in the solemn echoing drive she let four taxicabs drive away before she selected a new one, lavender-colored with gray upholstery, and in this we slid out from the mass of the station into the glowing sunshine.
        Наверху, в гулком полумраке крытого въезда, она пропустила четыре такси и остановила свой выбор только на пятом — новеньком автомобиле цвета лаванды, с серой обивкой, который наконец вывез нас из громады вокзала на залитую солнцем улицу.
        Великий Гэтсби. Фрэнсис Скотт Фицджеральд, стр. 20

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