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Слово "their". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. their [ðɛ:ə] местоимение, (pronoun) притяжательное местоимение
    (употр. атрибутивно; ср. theirs ) их; свой, свои

    Примеры использования

    1. "Boa constrictors swallow their prey whole, without chewing it.
      «Удав заглатывает свою жертву целиком, не жуя.
      Маленький принц. Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери, стр. 1
    2. Once their uproar became so loud that Bill woke up.
      Вот они зарычали так громко, что Билл проснулся.
      Белый Клык. Джек Лондон, стр. 7
    3. ... Follen had a baby, and the baby had a birthday. Its first birthday put Doctor Follen's household into somewhat of a flurry, but on the occasion of its second birthday, Mrs. Doctor Follen gave a ball in honour of the event. Old Geibel and his daughter Olga were among the guests. "During the afternoon of the next day, some three or four of Olga's bosom friends, who had also been present at the ball, dropped in to have a chat about it. They naturally fell to discussing the men, and to criticising their dancing. Old Geibel was in the room, but he appeared to be absorbed in his newspaper, and the girls took no notice of him. "'There seem to be fewer men who can dance, at every ball you go to,' said one of the girls. "'Yes, and don't the ones who can, give themselves airs,' said another; 'they make quite a favour of asking you.' "'And how stupidly they talk,' added a third. 'They always say exactly the same things: "How charming you are looking to-night." "Do you often go to Vienna? Oh ...
      ГЛАВА XI
      Как мы писали роман. Джером К. Джером, стр. 135

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