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  1. ale [l] существительное
    эль, пиво;
    Adam's ale шутливый; комический вода

    Примеры использования

    1. One morning at breakfast I came close to disaster by declaiming in palpably liquorish accents an effusion of Eighteenth Century bacchanalian mirth, a bit of Georgian playfulness never recorded in a book, which ran something like this: Come hither, my lads, with your tankards of ale, And drink to the present before it shall fail; Pile each on your platter a mountain of beef, For `tis eating and drinking that bring us relief: So fill up your glass, For life will soon pass; When you're dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass! Anacreon had a red nose, so they say; But what's a red nose if ye're happy and gay? Gad split me! I'd rather be red whilst I'm here, Than white as a lily and dead half a year! So Betty, my miss, Come give me kiss; In hell there's no innkeeper's daughter like this! Young Harry, propp'd up just as straight as he's able, Will soon lose his wig and slip under the table, But fill up your goblets and pass `em around Better under the table than under the ground! So revel and chaff As ye thirstily quaff: Under six feet of dirt `tis less easy to laugh! The fiend strike me blue! l'm scarce able to walk, And damn me if I can stand upright or talk! Here, landlord, bid Betty to summon a chair; l'll try home for a while, for my wife is not there! So lend me a hand; I'm not able to stand, But I'm gay whilst I linger on top of the land!
      Однажды утром за завтраком я чуть не накликал на себя беду, явно с пафосом продекламировав похотливый Вакхический поток слов поэта восемнадцатого века, продекламировал с игривостью георгианской эпохи, едва ли уместной на страницах этой книги.
      Склеп. Говард Лавкрафт, стр. 8
    2. A prayer and discourse from the Revd Mr. Higginson, and the outpouring of a psalm from the general throat of the community, was to be made acceptable to the grosser sense by ale, cider, wine, and brandy, in copious effusion, and, as some authorities aver, by an ox, roasted whole, or, at least, by the weight and substance of an ox, in more manageable joints and sirloins.
      После молитвы и проповеди почтенного мистера Хиггинсона и после хорового пения псалма для чувств более грубых готовилось обильное возлияние пива, сидра, вина и водки, и, как было известно, ожидали также зажаренного целиком быка или по крайней мере искусно разрезанные части говядины в количестве, равном весу и объему целого быка.
      Дом о семи шпилях. Натаниэль Готорн, стр. 6
    3. We had luncheon in the dining-room, darkened too against the heat, and drank down nervous gayety with the cold ale.
      Завтракали в столовой, тоже затененной от солнца, запивая холодным пивом искусственное веселье.
      Великий Гэтсби. Фрэнсис Скотт Фицджеральд, стр. 89

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