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Слово "disease". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. disease [dɪˈzi:z]
    1. существительное — болезнь

      Примеры использования

      1. Human beings are a disease.
        Люди это болезнь.
        Субтитры фильма "Матрица / The Matrix (1999-03-30)", стр. 20
      2. Langdon glanced over at the ECDC medallions on their uniforms. Disease Prevention and Control?
        Лэнгдон посмотрел на нашивки с буквами ECDC. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.
        Инферно. Дэн Браун, стр. 322
      3. It was the belief of those who knew him best, that he would positively have taken the very singular step of giving up the House of Seven Gables to the representative of Matthew Maule, but for the unspeakable tumult which a suspicious of the old gentleman's project awakened among his Pyncheon relatives. Their exertions had the effect of suspending his purpose; but it was feared that he would perform, after death, by the operation of his last will, what he had so hardly been prevented from doing in his proper lifetime. But there is no one thing which men so rarely do, whatever the provocation or inducement, as to bequeath patrimonial property away from their own blood. They may love other individuals far better than their relatives—they may even cherish dislike or positive hatred to the latter; but yet, in view of death, the strong prejudice of propinquity revives, and impels the testator to send down his estate in the line marked out by custom so immemorial that it looks like nature. In all the Pyncheons, this feeling had the energy of disease. It was too powerful for the conscientious scruples of the old bachelor; at whose death, accordingly, the mansion-house, together with most of his other riches, passed into the possession of his next legal representative.
        Жилище покойного вместе с большей частью других богатств досталось в наследство ближайшему законному родственнику.
        Дом о семи шпилях. Натаниэль Готорн, стр. 19
    2. глагол — поражать (о болезни); вызывать болезнь

      Примеры использования

      1. Or will some lingering trace of matter in the brain stay pallid and diseased?
        Или в мозгу моем навсегда останется болезненная крупица омертвевшего вещества?
        Моя кузина Рейчел. Дафна Дюморье, стр. 4
      2. “They carry diseases.
        - Они разносят инфекцию.
        Я - легенда. Ричард Мэтсон, стр. 39
      3. The Pacific Ocean was a body of water surrounded on all sides by elephantiasis and other dread diseases to which, if he ever displeased Colonel Cathcart by grounding Yossarian, he might suddenly find himself transferred.
        А Тихий океан… Дейника ужасно боялся, что если он освободит Йоссариана от полетов, то тем самым навлечет на себя гнев полковника Кэткарта и тот переведет его на Тихий океан.
        Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 29

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