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  1. jamb [æm]существительное
    1. косяк (двери, окна)

      Примеры использования

      1. But by the door of the cabin stood Smouri, and in the doorway, holding on to the jamb, Jaakov Ivanich. The girl stuck her elbow in his back, and cried in a drunken voice:
        Но у дверей каюты стоял Смурый, в двери, держась за косяки, - Яков Иваныч, а девица колотила его по спине кулаками, пьяным голосом кричала:
        В людях. Максим Горький, стр. 96
      2. She sat on the sofa in a passive, phlegmatic stupor, her mouth open and all her clothing crumpled in a corner on the floor, and wondered how much longer they would sit around naked with her and make her say uncle in the elegant hotel suite to which Orr’s old girl friend, giggling uncontrollably at Yossarian’s and Dunbar’s drunken antics, guided Nately and the other members of the motley rescue party. Dunbar squeezed Orr’s old girl friend’s fanny gratefully and passed her back to Yossarian, who propped her against the door jamb with both hands on her hips and wormed himself against her lasciviously until Nately seized him by the arm and pulled him away from her into the blue sitting room, where Dunbar was already hurling everything in sight out the window into the court. Dobbs was smashing furniture with an ash stand. A nude, ridiculous man with a blushing appendectomy scar appeared in the doorway suddenly and bellowed. ‘What’s going on here?’ ‘Your toes are dirty,’ Dunbar said. The man covered his groin with both hands and shrank from view. Dunbar, Dobbs and Hungry Joe just kept dumping everything they could lift out the window with great, howling whoops of happy abandon. They soon finished with the clothing on the couches and the luggage on the floor, and they were ransacking a cedar closet when the door to the inner room opened again and a man who was very distinguished-looking from the neck up padded into view imperiously on bare feet. ‘Here, you, stop that,’ he barked. ‘Just what do you men think you’re doing?’ ‘Your toes are dirty,’ Dunbar said to him. The man covered his groin as the first one had done and disappeared. Nately charged after him, but was blocked by the first officer, who plodded back in holding a pillow in front of him, like a bubble dancer. ‘Hey, you men!’ he roared angrily. ‘Stop it!’ ‘Stop it,’ Dunbar replied. ‘That’s what I said.’ ‘That’s what I said,’ Dunbar said. The officer stamped his foot petulantly, turning weak with frustration. ‘Are you deliberately repeating everything I say?’ ‘Are you deliberately repeating everything I say?’ ‘I’ll thrash you.’ The man raised a fist. ‘I’ll thrash you,’ Dunbar warned him coldly. ‘You’re a German spy, and I’m going to have you shot.’ ‘German spy? I’m an American colonel.’ ‘You don’t look like an American colonel. You look like a fat man with a pillow in front of him. Where’s your uniform, if you’re an American colonel?’ ‘You just threw it out the window.’ ‘All right, men,’ Dunbar said. ‘Lock the silly bastard up. Take the silly bastard down to the station house and throw away the key.’ The colonel blanched with alarm. ‘Are you all crazy? Where’s your badge? Hey, you! Come back in here!’
        С приоткрытым ртом она сидела на тахте, флегматичная, вялая, оцепенелая. Сидела и думала, долго ли еще они будут требовать, чтобы она сказала «дядя». Тем временем старая подружка Орра, то и дело хихикая над пьяными выходками Йоссариана и Данбэра, привела в отель Нейтли и других участников шутовской спасательной экспедиции.
        Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 376
    2. (обыкн. множественное число ) боковые стенки камина
    3. история — ножные латы
    4. подставка, упор
    5. геология — массив пустой породы, пересекающий жилу полезного ископаемого

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