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Слово "prosper". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. prosper [ˈprɔspə]глагол
    1. процветать, преуспевать, благоденствовать

      Примеры использования

      1. 1730 And I flattered myself that I was going to be a firm, just, and kindly ruler, and that my people would prosper.
        1807 И я польстился на эту мысль, подумал, что стану твердым, справедливым и добрым правителем и что мой народ будет процветать.
        Колыбель для кошки. Курт Воннегут, стр. 120
      2. If families prosper, the village prospers,
        А если семьи процветают, то и деревня процветает,
        Субтитры видеоролика "Изабель Альенде рассказывает истории о страсти", стр. 6
      3. ... a tavern; and there the woman turns, and I see that it is the woman of my dream. And she and the man look into each other's eyes once more. * * * * * In another dream that I remember, an angel (or a devil, I am not quite sure which) has come to a man and told him that so long as he loves no living human thing--so long as he never suffers himself to feel one touch of tenderness towards wife or child, towards kith or kin, towards stranger or towards friend, so long will he succeed and prosper in his dealings--so long will all this world's affairs go well with him; and he will grow each day richer and greater and more powerful. But if ever he let one kindly thought for living thing come into his heart, in that moment all his plans and schemes will topple down about his ears; and from that hour his name will be despised by men, and then forgotten. And the man treasures up these words, for he is an ambitious man, and wealth and fame and power are the sweetest things in all the world to him ...
        Монета застревала все крепче, и, вопреки нашим стараниям, пес околел, - еще одна жертва неистовой золотой лихорадки.
        Как мы писали роман. Джером К. Джером, стр. 36
    2. благоприятствовать

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