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  1. violet [ˈvəlɪt]
    1. существительное
      1. фиалка

        Примеры использования

        1. As he took her in his arms a wave of synthetic violets flooded his nostrils.
          Когда он обнял Джулию, на него пахнуло синтетическим запахом фиалок.
          1984. Скотный Двор. Джордж Оруэлл, стр. 138
        2. ‘Who’s they?’ Dunbar demanded suspiciously. In a bed in the small private section at the end of the ward, always working ceaselessly behind the green plyboard partition, was the solemn middle-aged colonel who was visited every day by a gentle, sweet-faced woman with curly ash-blond hair who was not a nurse and not a Wac and not a Red Cross girl but who nevertheless appeared faithfully at the hospital in Pianosa each afternoon wearing pretty pastel summer dresses that were very smart and white leather pumps with heels half high at the base of nylon seams that were inevitably straight. The colonel was in Communications, and he was kept busy day and night transmitting glutinous messages from the interior into square pads of gauze which he sealed meticulously and delivered to a covered white pail that stood on the night table beside his bed. The colonel was gorgeous. He had a cavernous mouth, cavernous cheeks, cavernous, sad, mildewed eyes. His face was the color of clouded silver. He coughed quietly, gingerly, and dabbed the pads slowly at his lips with a distaste that had become automatic. The colonel dwelt in a vortex of specialists who were still specializing in trying to determine what was troubling him. They hurled lights in his eyes to see if he could see, rammed needles into nerves to hear if he could feel. There was a urologist for his urine, a lymphologist for his lymph, an endocrinologist for his endocrines, a psychologist for his psyche, a dermatologist for his derma; there was a pathologist for his pathos, a cystologist for his cysts, and a bald and pedantic cetologist from the zoology department at Harvard who had been shanghaied ruthlessly into the Medical Corps by a faulty anode in an I.B.M. machine and spent his sessions with the dying colonel trying to discuss Moby Dick with him. The colonel had really been investigated. There was not an organ of his body that had not been drugged and derogated, dusted and dredged, fingered and photographed, removed, plundered and replaced. Neat, slender and erect, the woman touched him often as she sat by his bedside and was the epitome of stately sorrow each time she smiled. The colonel was tall, thin and stooped. When he rose to walk, he bent forward even more, making a deep cavity of his body, and placed his feet down very carefully, moving ahead by inches from the knees down. There were violet pools under his eyes. The woman spoke softly, softer than the colonel coughed, and none of the men in the ward ever heard her voice.
          — Кто это ему предоставит? — подозрительно переспросил Данбэр.
          Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 9
        3. She planted by the statue a rose-colored weeping willow. It grew rapidly and soon hung its fresh branches over the statue, almost down to the blue sands. The shadows had the color of violet and waved to and fro like the branches, so that it seemed as if the crown of the tree and the root were at play, trying to kiss each other.
          Русалочка посадила у статуи красную плакучую иву, которая пышно разрослась; ветви ее обвивали статую и клонились к голубому песку, где колебалась их фиолетовая тень, - вершина и корни точно играли и целовались друг с другом!
          Русалочка. Ганс Христиан Андерсен, стр. 2
      2. фиолетовый цвет

        Примеры использования

        1. He was dressed in a doublet and hose of a violet color, with aiguillettes of the same color, without any other ornaments than the customary slashes, through which the shirt appeared.
          Он был в камзоле и штанах фиолетового цвета со шнурами того же цвета, без всякой отделки, кроме обычных прорезей, сквозь которые виднелась сорочка.
          Три мушкетера. Часть первая. Александр Дюма, стр. 8
    2. имя прилагательное — фиолетовый, тёмно-лиловый

      Примеры использования

      1. Her hand described a semi-circle and reached out to grasp Ippolit Matveyevich, but then fell back on to the violet down quilt.
        Рука ее, описав полукруг, пыталась ухватить Ипполита Матвеевича, но тут же упала на стеганое фиолетовое одеяло.
        Двенадцать стульев. Илья Ильф, Евгений Петров, стр. 14
      2. He had hardly spoken before there rushed into the room one of the most lovely young women that I have ever seen in my life. Her violet eyes shining, her lips parted, a pink flush upon her cheeks, all thought of her natural reserve lost in her overpowering excitement and concern.
        Едва он сказал это, как в комнату вбежала одна из прелестнейших девушек, каких я когда-либо видел. Голубые глаза сверкали, губы были слегка приоткрыты, нежный румянец заливал щеки. Сильное волнение заставило ее забыть обычную сдержанность.
        Приключения Шерлока Холмса. Тайна Боскомской долины. Артур Конан-Дойл, стр. 9

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