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Слово "access". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

  1. access [ˈækses]существительное
    1. доступ

      Примеры использования

      1. of accessing our website
        посещения нашего сайта людьми
        Субтитры видеоролика "ключевой момент истории арабского мира. Вада Ханфар", стр. 7
      2. This precaution accomplished, he led the way into the hall and we followed him. He paused a moment, as he glanced up at the little staircase, then spoke over his shoulder to the constable. ‘Jones, you’d better stay here. Don’t let anyone go into that room.’ Parker interposed deferentially. ‘If you’ll excuse me, sir. If you were to lock the door into the main hall, nobody could gain access to this part. That staircase leads only to Mr Ackroyd’s bedroom and bathroom. There is no communication with the other part of the house. There once was a door through, but Mr Ackroyd had it blocked up. He liked to feel that his suite was entirely private.’ To make things clear and explain the position, I have appended a rough sketch of the right-hand wing of the house. The small staircase leads, as Parker explained, to a big bedroom made by two being knocked into one, and an adjoining bathroom and lavatory. The inspector took in the position at a glance. We went through into the large hall and he locked the door behind him, slipping the key into his pocket. Then he gave the constable some low-voiced instructions, and the latter prepared to depart. ‘We must get busy on those shoe tracks,’ explained the inspector. ‘But first of all, I must have a word with Miss Ackroyd.
        После этого он направился в холл, а мы за ним.
        Убийство Роджера Экройда. Агата Кристи, стр. 40
      3. At Hanson and Hanson, the stocks were kept in a huge vault on the seventh floor in a security area guarded by an armed policeman in front of a gate that could only be opened by a coded plastic access card.
        В фирме «Хансен и Хансен» акции хранились в специальном огромном сейфе на седьмом этаже, в запретной зоне, охраняемой вооруженным полисменом, причем массивная металлическая решетка открывалась только с помощью кодированной пластиковой карточки.
        Интриганка. Сидни Шелдон, стр. 343
    2. проход; подход

      Примеры использования

      1. which you can access through a dry-glass viewing tunnel,
        по которому можно пройтись через стеклянный тоннель
        Субтитры видеоролика "Подводный музей, полный жизни. Jason deCaires Taylor", стр. 5
    3. приступ (гнева, болезни)

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