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It came from a Mexican vaquero, who had been stationed as a vidette on an eminence near at hand.
Это крикнул мексиканский вакеро, который был послан дозорным на холм неподалеку.
Maurice—at the moment partaking of the hospitality of his employers, freely extended to him—suddenly quaffed off the cup; and springing to his saddle, cried out—
Морис, приглашенный к столу в качестве гостя, быстро допил свой стакан и, вскочив на лошадь, крикнул:
-- Cavallada?26
“No,” answered the Mexican; “manada.”
-- Нет,-- ответил мексиканец,-- manada.
“What do the fellows mean by their gibberish?” inquired Captain Calhoun.
-- Что они там болтают? -- спросил Колхаун.
“Musteños is only the Mexican for mustangs,” replied the major; “and by ‘manada’ he means they are wild mares—a drove of them.
-- Mustenos -- по-мексикански значит "мустанги",-- ответил майор,-- а манадой они называют табун диких кобыл.
At this season they herd together, and keep apart from the horses; unless when—”
В эту пору кобылы держатся вместе, отдельно от жеребцов, если только...
“When what?” impatiently asked the ex-officer of volunteers, interrupting the explanation.
-- Если что? -- нетерпеливо спросил капитаи Колхаун, прерывая объяснение.
“When they are attacked by asses,” innocently answered the major.
-- Если только на них не нападают ослы,-- ответил майор.
A general peal of laughter rendered doubtful the naïvété of the major’s response—imparting to it the suspicion of a personality not intended.
Все засмеялись.
For a moment Calhoun writhed under the awkward misconception of the auditory; but only for a moment.
He was not the man to succumb to an unlucky accident of speech.
On the contrary, he perceived the chance of a triumphant reply; and took advantage of it.
“Indeed!” he drawled out, without appearing to address himself to any one in particular.
“I was not aware that mustangs were so dangerous in these parts.”
As Calhoun said this, he was not looking at Louise Poindexter or he might have detected in her eye a glance to gratify him.
The young Creole, despite an apparent coolness towards him, could not withhold admiration at anything that showed cleverness.
His case might not be so hopeless?
The young dragoon, Hancock, did not think it so; nor yet the lieutenant of rifles.
Both observed the approving look, and both became imbued with the belief that Cassius Calhoun had—or might have—in his keeping, the happiness of his cousin.
The conjecture gave a secret chagrin to both, but especially to the dragoon.
There was but short time for him to reflect upon it; the manada was drawing near.
Между тем манада приближалась.
“To the saddle!” was the thought upon every mind, and the cry upon every tongue.
-- На коней! -- раздались со всех сторон голоса.
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