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There came a time when they were taken forth, and honoured with some attention.
Но пришло время, когда она вспомнила о них.
It was shortly after that scene at the breakfast table; when she had received the paternal command to discontinue her equestrian excursions.
Это было вскоре после разговора за завтраком, когда отец запретил ей выезжать одной на прогулки.
To this she had yielded implicit obedience, even beyond what was intended: since not only had she given up riding out alone, but declined to do so in company.
Она беспрекословно подчинилась этому приказанию; больше того, она не только перестала выезжать одна, но и вообще отказалась от верховой езды.
The spotted mustang stood listless in its stall, or pranced frantically around the corral; wondering why its spine was no longer crossed, or its ribs compressed, by that strange caparison, that more than aught else reminded it of its captivity.
Крапчатый мустанг уныло стоял в конюшне или бегал по коралю, удивляясь, почему он больше не чувствует на спине седла -- единственного напоминания о том, что он пленник.
It was not neglected, however.
Но Луиза не забывала своей любимицы.
Though no more mounted by its fair mistress, it was the object of her daily—almost hourly—solicitude.
Правда, она больше не ездила кататься, но все же ежедневно навещала Луну и следила за тем, чтобы ее хорошо кормили.
The best corn in the granaderias of Casa del Corvo was selected, the most nutritions grass that grows upon the lavanna—the gramma—furnished for its manger; while for drink it had the cool crystal water from the current of the Leona.
Лошадь кормили лучшим зерном из закромов Каса-дель-Корво, самой сочной травой саванны, поили студеной водой Леоны.
Pluto took delight in grooming it; and, under his currycomb and brushes, its coat had attained a gloss which rivalled that upon Pluto’s own sable skin.
Плутон старательно ухаживал за ней.
Он так усердно тер ее скребницей и щетками, что шерсть ее блестела не хуже, чем кожа его черного лица.
While not engaged attending upon her pet, Miss Poindexter divided the residue of her time between indoor duties and archery.
Почти все свободное время Луиза отдавала теперь стрельбе из лука.
The latter she appeared to have selected as the substitute for that pastime of which she was so passionately fond, and in which she was now denied indulgence.
Местом для упражнений ей служил сад с прилегающими зарослями.
The scene of her sagittary performances was the garden, with its adjacent shrubbery—an extensive enclosure, three sides of which were fenced in by the river itself, curving round it like the shoe of a racehorse, the fourth being a straight line traced by the rearward wall of the hacienda.
С трех сторон его подковой охватывала река; с четвертой он замыкался задней стеной асиенды.
Within this circumference a garden, with ornamental grounds, had been laid out, in times long gone by—as might have been told by many ancient exotics seen standing over it.
Even the statues spoke of a past age—not only in their decay, but in the personages they were intended to represent.
Equally did they betray the chisel of the Spanish sculptor.
Сад был очень стар; об этом свидетельствовали не только могучие деревья, но и потрескавшиеся статуи, которые украшали его.
Они были сделаны резцом испанских мастеров и изображали героев далекого прошлого.
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