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  1. dice [ds]
    1. существительное, множественное число
      1. от die I 1 1

        Примеры использования

        1. "Your dice, or mine?"
          - Твои кости или мои?
          Луна - суровая хозяйка. Роберт Хайнлайн, стр. 56
      2. игра в кости

        Примеры использования

        1. but also the roll of life's dice.
          но и от того, «как карта ляжет».
          Субтитры видеоролика "Три урока от чемпиона по игре в покер о том, как научиться принимать решения. Liv Boeree", стр. 1
        2. Maybe God threw the dice once too often.
          ...в азартные игры.
          Субтитры фильма "Адвокат дьявола / The Devil's Advocate (1997-10-17)", стр. 28
        3. They are not all moles, and he has been rolling the dice for a long time now.
          Они ведь не все - кроты, а он бросает кости уже очень долгое время.
          Слепой Уилли. Стивен КИНГ, стр. 39
    2. глагол
      1. играть в кости

        Примеры использования

        1. The point is, you won't know. If you smoke, you'll be gambling with loaded dice. Are they watching? Are they picking up my wife or sending a man after my son right now? Beautiful, isn't it? And if you do sneak a smoke, it'll taste awful. It will taste like your son's blood." But they couldn't be watching now, in the dead of night, in his own study. The house was grave-quiet. He looked at the cigarettes in the box for almost two minutes, unable to tear his gaze away. Then he went to the study door, peered out into the empty hall, and went back to look at the cigarettes some more. A horrible picture came: his life stretching before him and not a cigarette to be found. How in the name of God was he ever going to be able to make another tough presentation to a wary client, without that cigarette burning nonchalantly between his fingers as he approached the charts and layouts? How would he be able to endure Cindy's endless garden shows without a cigarette? How could he even get up in the morning and face the day without a cigarette to smoke as he drank his coffee and read the paper?
          Вы об этом знать не будете.
          Корпорация "Бросайте курить" Стивен КИНГ, стр. 13
        2. He took them with him, without encouraging them or promising them anything, and without concealing from them that their luck, and even his own, depended upon the cast of the dice.
          Он взял их с собой во дворец, ничего не обещая им и ни за что не ручаясь, и не скрыл от них, что их судьба, как и его собственная, висит на волоске.
          Три мушкетера. Часть первая. Александр Дюма, стр. 74
        3. LOVE OF LIFE “This out of all will remain— They have lived and have tossed: So much of the game will be gain, Though the gold of the dice has been lost.”
          Джек Лондон. Любовь к жизни
          Любовь к жизни. Джек Лондон, стр. 1
      2. нарезать в форме кубиков (в кулинарии)
      3. вышивать узор квадратиками
      4. графить в клетку;
        dice away проигрывать в кости

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