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At all other times the old haciendado—who was a bachelor to boot—led a tranquil and somewhat solitary life; a sister older than himself being his only companion.
Старый владелец асиенды, убежденный холостяк, вел спокойную и уединенную жизнь.
С ним жила его старшая сестра.
There were occasional exceptions to this rule: when his charming sobrina rode across from the Rio Grande to pay him and his sister a visit.
Then the domicile of Don Silvio became a little more lively.
Только когда к ним в гости с берегов Рио-Гранде приезжала их хорошенькая племянница, тихая асиенда оживала.
Isidora was welcome whenever she came; welcome to come and go when she pleased; and do as she pleased, while under her uncle’s roof.
Исидоре здесь всегда были рады; она приезжала и уезжала, когда ей заблагорассудится, и в доме дяди ей позволяли делать все, что вздумается.
The sprightliness of her character was anything but displeasing to the old haciendado; who was himself far from being of a sombre disposition.
Старику нравилась жизнерадостность Исидоры, потому что он сам был далеко не мрачным человеком.
Those traits, that might have appeared masculine in many other lands, were not so remarkable in one, where life is held by such precarious tenure; where the country house is oft transformed into a fortress, and the domestic hearth occasionally bedewed with the blood of its inmates!
Is it surprising that in such a land women should be found, endowed with those qualities that have been ascribed to Isidora?
If so, it is not the less true that they exist.
As a general thing the Mexican woman is a creature of the most amiable disposition; douce—if we may be allowed to borrow from a language that deals more frequently with feminine traits—to such an extent, as to have become a national characteristic.
It is to the denizens of the great cities, secure from Indian incursion, that this character more especially applies.
On the frontiers, harried for the last half century by the aboriginal freebooter, the case is somewhat different.
The amiability still exists; but often combined with a bravourie and hardihood masculine in seeming, but in reality heroic.
Since Malinché, more than one fair heroine has figured in the history of Anahuac.
Те черты ее характера, которые в других странах могли бы показаться неженственными, были естественны в стране, где загородный дом сплошь и рядом превращался в крепость, а домашний очаг орошался кровью его хозяев.
Don Silvio Martinez had himself assisted at many a wild scene and ceremony.
His youth had been passed amid perils; and the courage of Isidora—at times degenerating into absolute recklessness—so far from offending, rather gave him gratification.
Дон Сильвио Мартинес сам провел бурную молодость среди опасностей и тревог, и храбрость Исидоры, порой граничащая с безрассудством, не только не вызывала его неудовольствия, но, наоборот, нравилась ему.
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