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That mountain’s less than twelve thousand feet high -that’s only two thousand under Earth gravity-and I can make the trip in twenty hours at the outside.
I’ve always wanted to go up into those hills, anyway, and this gives me an excellent excuse.”
Высота горы менее двенадцати тысяч футов.
Я поднимусь за двадцать часов.
“If you don’t break your neck,” said Garnett, “you’ll be the laughing-stock of the expedition when we get back to Base.
That mountain will probably be called Wilson’s Folly from now on.”
- Если ты не сломаешь шеи, - возразил Гариетт, - ты станешь посмешищем для экспедиции, когда мы доберемся до базы.
Отныне эту гору назовут Шутка Вильсона.
“I won’t break my neck,” I said firmly.
- Нет, не хочу ломать шеи, - непреклонно ответил я.
“Who was the first man to climb Pico and Helicon?”
- Вспомни, кто первым забрался на Пико и Хеликон?
“But weren’t you rather younger in those days?” asked Louis gently.
- Разве ты не был тогда чуть моложе? - спросил Люис с нежностью.
“That,” I said with great dignity, “is as good a reason as any for going.”
- Это хорошая причина как раз для того, чтобы туда отправиться, - ответил я с достоинством.
We went to bed early that night, after driving the tractor to within half a mile of the promontory.
В тот вечер мы остановили вездеход в полумиле от выступа и рано легли спать.
Garnett was coming with me in the morning; he was a good climber, and had often been with me on such exploits before.
Our driver was only too glad to be left in charge of the machine.
Гариетт собирался утром идти со мной.
Хороший альпинист, он часто сопровождал меня в экспедициях.
At first sight, those cliffs seemed completely unscalable, but to anyone with a good head for heights, climbing is easy on a world where all weights are only a sixth of their normal value.
На первый взгляд скалы казались недосягаемыми, но для всякого, кто не страшится высоты, восхождение на горы не представляет трудности в мире, где все весит в шесть раз меньше, чем на Земле.
The real danger in lunar mountaineering lies in overconfidence; a six-hundred-foot drop on the Moon can kill you just as thoroughly as a. hundred-foot fall on Earth.
Альпинизм на Луне опасен, если вы чрезмерно самоуверенны: при падении с высоты 600 футов вы можете разбиться здесь так же сильно, как с высоты 100 футов на Земле.
We made our first halt on a wide ledge about four thousand feet above the plain.
Climbing had not been very difficult, but my limbs were stiff with the unaccustomed effort, and I was glad of the rest.
We could still see the tractor as a tiny metal insect far down at the foot of the cliff, and we reported our progress to the driver before starting on the next ascent.
Inside our suits it was comfortably cool, for the refrigeration units were fighting the fierce sun and carrying away the body-heat of our exertions.
We seldom spoke to each other, except to pass climbing instructions and to discuss our best plan of ascent.
I do not know what Garnett was thinking, probably that this was the craziest goose-chase he had ever embarked upon.
I more than half agreed with him, but the joy of climbing, the knowledge that no man had ever gone this way before and the exhilaration of the steadily widening landscape gave me all the reward I needed.
I don’t think I was particularly excited when I saw in front of us the wall of rock I had first inspected through the telescope from thirty miles away.
На широком уступе, на высоте 4000 футов над долиной мы сделали первый привал.
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